The 29 Which Clocked Up 797 Years

Labour MP honours longstanding Stagecoach Manchester employees

Long service awards, 2017.
797 Not Out: This year’s recipients of Stagecoach Manchester’s Long Service Awards. Image courtesy of Tangerine PR Ltd., 2017.

29 members of staff have been thanked for notching up a splendid 797 years of service in the bus industry, at Stagecoach Manchester’s annual Long Service Awards.

As usual, the company’s long service awards recognise employees who have worked with Stagecoach Manchester and its predecessors for 20 years or more. Particular commendation went to Peter Sumner and driver, John Ward. Both employees have worked for 45 years. Back then, Sunglow Orange and the Lazy S of SELNEC was all the rage.

For notching up 40 years of service (back when the ‘M-blem’ was in full flow), awards went to Tony Molyneaux, Colin Williamson and Robert Brown. When Messrs Molyneaux, Williamson and Brown started, the ‘must-have’ accessory for Greater Mancunian bus passengers was a SaverSeven weekly ticket, the GetMeThere of its day.

Stagecoach Manchester staff were presented with their awards by the Urmston and Stretford MP, Kate Green (Labour) at The Lowry in Salford.

Elisabeth Tasker, Stagecoach Manchester managing director, said: “Our employees that have been recognised for their long service have each demonstrated dedication, loyalty and commitment to Stagecoach Manchester, which has helped us to establish a reputation as one of the country’s leading bus operators.”

“The Long Service Awards is an annual celebration of employees who have worked with us for 20 years or more and the least we can do to say ‘thank you’ for their hard work, while showing them how much we appreciate their commitment to Stagecoach Manchester.”

2017 Long Service Awards recipients

  • Will Buckley;
  • Terence Worthington;
  • Lorraine Pearson;
  • Ady Johnson;
  • David Wildgoose;
  • Keith Cruickshank;
  • Pauline Holloway;
  • Richard O’Brien;
  • Martin Butterworth;
  • John Dowling;
  • Paul Storey;
  • Chris Appleby;
  • Robert Rawlinson;
  • Rjinikant Solanki;
  • Desmond Young;
  • Bill Priday;
  • Eric Lane;
  • Simon Bell;
  • Stephen Harris;
  • Joseph Smith;
  • Mike Bones;
  • Ronald McAdam;
  • Kevin Harrison;
  • Stuart Frith;
  • Colin Williamson;
  • Robert Brown;
  • Tony Molyneaux;
  • John Ward;
  • Peter Sumner.

An EM60 Presentation, 09 February 2017.


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  1. Speaking of long serving emplyees, did you know our friendly Stagecoach Inspector at Ashton is one of the longer serving Inspectors at Stagecoach now, not many that have been an Inspector and still at Stagecoach as long as Craig has

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