Winter changes dominated by Stagecoach retimings

  • Cuts to night buses on 201 and 216 routes;
  • Reductions to some peak hour journeys;
  • First and Stagecoach retimings.
Stagecoach Manchester Enviro400, MX07 HLZ, outside Dukinfield Town Hall
The 330: one of a handful of Stagecoach routes being retimed.

True to form, the late January changes for 2017 are another lull before April’s storm. The bulk of this year’s first changes are retimings on Stagecoach Manchester’s part. Some of which entail the withdrawal of some journeys, mainly outside the peaks in the small hours or before the witching hour.

Retimed Services

The pruning of part of Greater Manchester’s night bus network takes centre stage with the 201 and 216 services seeing the loss of some journeys. On the 201, this will mean the 0215 from Piccadilly Gardens and the 0245 from Hyde. On the 216, this will affect Manchester-bound journeys at 0100 and 0200. In the reverse direction, that will affect the 0130 to Ashton-under-Lyne.

Thankfully, changes to Greater Manchester’s night bus network won’t affect the 0230 Piccadilly Gardens to Glossop journey of the 237. Both the 237 and its less circuitous stablemate, the 236 will see some minor changes to its timetable. Journeys will leave Ashton bus station two minutes earlier than at present.

In the peak hours, the 201221, 231, and 347 routes, and the solitary 220 journey will be retimed in the peak hours. Timing changes will also affect the 204, 205, and 206. Of the three Hyde Road routes, the 204 will see the loss of its 2246 journey from Hyde. On Sundays and Public Holidays, the 2251 from Piccadilly Gardens will be discontinued. Stagecoach Manchester’s evening journeys of the 346 route will be retimed.

Stagecoach’s retiming also affects four Stockport routes out of Tameside. On Saturdays, that affects the 330. From Denton, the 322 and 327 services on weekdays. The biggest changes affect passengers on the 7, taking the more convoluted yet sometimes faster route from Ashton to Stockport. Its first weekday journey from Stockport will be earlier, but only by ten minutes, departing at 0513. Plus, peak hour journeys will be hourly.

Over in FirstGroup Land, two Oldham – Tameside services will be retimed thanks to their Ride On Time initiative. The sparse peak hour journeys of the 408 will see the southbound [from Shaw] 0658 and the northbound [Stalybridge] 0804 journeys departing at 0648 and 0754 respectively. Following FirstGroup’s recent consultation, some Monday to Friday journeys of the 409 have been retimed.

There will also be some retiming of FirstGroup’s Tameside services – namely the 348, 387, and 389.

Other changes

The first weekday journey of the 168 (0608 from Belle Vue to Ashton-under-Lyne) will be withdrawn. To partially compensate for the loss of another service, the 169 will be extended from Southern Cemetery to Chorlton Bus Station via Arrowfield Road and Hardy Lane. This affects journeys on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Whatever next?

April’s set of changes could be pretty stormy, given that the last budget’s departmental cuts will affect TfGM (again). Proposed changes could see Stalybridge passengers at the sharp end. In the last Bus Network Subcommittee Meeting, tendered services from Oldham to Stalybridge could see some reduction in frequency.

This concerns two bus routes. The Sunday and Bank Holiday journeys of the 408, could be trimmed to every two hours with no evening service. Evening services may be cut on the 340 service. It is proposed that the 343’s stablemate would finish earlier at around 8pm on weekdays, 9pm on Saturdays, and at 6pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

The April 23 changes will also be of interest to regular users of FirstGroup services. Could we expect more changes to First Greater Manchester’s routes in Bury and Tameside? Most of the latter depot’s tendered routes are now up for renewal, so we could be seeing fewer Barbie coloured buses after 7pm. Could it be the swirls of Stagecoach or the white of MCT Travel? Could Rosso be doing the 389? All will be revealed by Easter.

S.V., 23 January 2017.

6 thoughts on “Tameside and Glossop Bus Service Changes, January 2017

  1. i think first services 353 and 354 are up for retender this year and Tamesides depot mini bus allocation is down to 5 now following the withdrawl of 40326 the last 51 reg one here


  2. An update regarding service 7; the first journey from Stockport has been re-instated under tender, but will operate about 10 minutes earlier. However, the original changes does include a couple of round trips withdrawn leaving hour long gaps in the peak.
    More generally, Tameside does seem to have escaped the worst of the cuts, with services 34/X34, 38 & 42 (Stockport journeys) being reduced in frequency or route length and the 32 withdrawn. Anybody using the 34/X34 and 38 won’t be particularly surprised!
    Over at First, I’m surprised you omitted to mention that virtually all Duky’s tendered work (including Ashton locals) is up for renewal, and this might have had some bearing on the date of depot closure.


    1. Hi Phil,

      Many thanks for the heads up. I have now made the corrections and additions following your comments. With regards to First’s tendered routes, I had that hunch as soon as I knew about Dukinfield garage’s fate.




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