Retail Comings and Goings in Tameside, January 2017: The Ashton Review of Shops

This month’s window on the shop windows

Hyde Town Hall
Hyde Town Hall: image by Mikey, 2011 (Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved).
  • Ashton Market and Son of TAC updates;
  • More shop closures;
  • All the usual comings and goings in the Tameside area.

The last month has seen quite a few shops closing or changing hands in Ashton. Apart from that, the first section of steelwork has been erected for TAC’s replacement.

Ashton Market and Joint Service Centre notes


Last month’s Tameside Christmas Market was generally well received, with the greatest plaudits reserved for the fairground rides. With regards to the open market ground, all of the outdoor stalls on Ashton Market have been completed. This month, the focal piazza nearest to the town hall shall take shape. All done for March ahead of the Easter break? That’s East of the M60’s estimate.

The end of December saw the first steps towards Son of TAC’s arrival. Closest to the former Ashton-under-Lyne Corporation Water Works building (latterly Cheshire Building Society and The Cooperative Bank), is the steelwork for a stairwell. The Son of TAC (or the Tameside Joint Service Centre in its more formal name) is due for completion in 2018, around about the same time as the new bus/tram interchange’s arrival.

For the benefit of those who have missed earlier entries on East of the M60, the Tameside Joint Service Centre is a scaled down version of the TAC building. Tenants will also include Tameside College, Wilko Stores Ltd, and the Department for Work and Pensions (with the Job Centre Plus office moving from Old Street).

Forthcoming Planning Applications

Quite a bumper month.

Polite Note: for reasons of brevity, any pub and club applications come under the Pub and Club Update section. Ta very much, and mine’s a pint of Unicorn.

  • A retail unit on 80, Market Street, Hollingworth could be converted into a private house.
  • Tea at No.77 in Hyde could have a first floor dining area. Among Hydonians, it is a popular café for light bites, brews or something more substantial.
  • Premier Automotive (or Colliers in old money) on Birch Lane, Dukinfield could be given an upgrade. This will result in the demolition of the present garage with a new one in place. The front and side elevations will see greater use of red (neatly complementing the dark red of Active Tameside next door) and a main entrance on the side. There will also be offices on the first floor above the showroom.
  • Plans have been put in place to extend the opening hours of Tokie’s takeaway on 89 Mottram Road, Stalybridge.
  • Morrisons’ Hyde branch could be having a car wash. This will entail the loss of some parking spaces.
  • Similarly, Tesco’s Droylsden branch could be getting on, at the expense of nine parking spaces. Separate plans have been lodged for the installation of advertisements.
  • A former office on Richmond House, Stalybridge could be converted into a one bedroom flat.
  • 12 Ashton Road, Denton (formerly a charity shop) could become the Istanbul Grill which, going off the name, is a Turkish restaurant. With Blue Crown, Aashiana and Blue Sapphire on the opposite side between Crown Point and the Crown Point North retail park, there’s no way you could go hungry!
  • A Barber shop on 20 Dowson Road, Hyde, could be converted into an office.

Retail Movements

  • Raja Bros, on Astley Street in Dukinfield has changed hands. It is now a Family Shopper convenience store. The 22 December saw its grand reopening with a limited number of products available for 25p. Its main entrance was festooned with black and white balloons.
  • Cash Generator has closed its Ashton-under-Lyne branch in the Ladysmith Shopping Centre. On previous visits taken by your reporter in the last two to three years, there was no less than twelve copies of the Oceans Eleven DVD for sale. Shortly before closure, there was nine copies left.
  • The Ethel Austin unit in the same shopping precinct is now a card shop.
  • Closing in the Arcades Shopping Centre are The Officer’s Club and Minoti. Could the two units become the new location of JD Sports’ store, presently in the Ladysmith Shopping Centre?
  • Swinton Insurance has left Clarence Arcade, Ashton-under-Lyne with business transferring to the Oldham office.
  • On the corner of Stamford Street and Delamere Street, Your Next Bed will be settling in pretty soon.

Pub and club update

Another iconic Stalybridge pub could be going for good. This time, it is The Traveller’s Call. In recent times, it had established itself as a genial local pub with affordably priced food and drink. One of its previous tenants, again with matters of an epicurean nature in mind, moved to The Astley Arms (The Top Astley) in Dukinfield.

By the time you have read this, The Old General will no longer be noted for good food and drink. In its depubbed guise, it will be the headquarters of Leisure Technical Consultants. Instead of spilled beer, the only thrills and spills will be coming from their offices: in the form of new thrill rides.

After being closed for the last six months, the Royal Oak Hotel in Droylsden, despite its prime position for Cemetery Road tram stop is going. Yes, you’ve guessed it: yet another depubification process. This time, a conversion to nine flats with one commercial unit adjacent.

*                     *                    *

Next Month:

Could next month’s despatches be more uplifting? All will be revealed by the 04 February 2017.

S.V., 07 January 2017.


2 thoughts on “Retail Comings and Goings in Tameside, January 2017: The Ashton Review of Shops

Add yours

  1. Interesting about the car wash at Morrisons Hyde. Cos it already has a car wash – an automated one – and has done for decades! It was there when I worked there in the late 1990s (as Food Giant) and I’m sure it was there in the Fine Fare era!

    Note on Raja Bros in Dukinfield. It changed hands in the summer. Got rebranded – still as Select and Save – as Khans. Quite possibly related to the fact that they had licensing issues with the police. I lived nearby for a short while, and there were signs in the windows asking that anyone who wanted alcohol had to speak to the staff first. There was also a letter from the Greater Manchester Police about a license review.

    Raja Bros are a curious outfit – you’d think they’d all use the same suppliers but no, they’re a mix of every symbol group under the sun. Spar, Premier, Select and Save, Costcutter… Strange situation.


    1. Hi Andrew,

      I always thought the different signs they had were inherited from previous owners by acquisitive means. It does seem strange that no two Raja Bros shops have the same suppliers. I remember their Manchester Road, Bottom Mossley branch having the ‘BoB’ (Best of British) fascia.

      At one time, the number of suppliers used to more varied. The Ridge Hill branch of Raja Bros used to be VG. A non-Raja Bros off-licence on The Parade (close to Stanley Square) used to be a Maid Marian shop. Besides Nisa, Spar and Londis, you used to have the My Mum’s, Family Choice and Happy Shopper brands. Today, Euro Shopper tends to be a common one; till recently, there was also Bobby’s for crisps and nuts.

      As for the car wash in Hyde’s Morrisons store, they are probably replacing the proper car wash with one of these cheapo water jet hand powered ones. The first time I remember seeing the automated car wash was in the Fine Fare era. When I first remember seeing it (in 1986), I thought “wow, in a hypermarket”. Back then, the petrol station had an Elf sign. The entrance was on the right of The Sportsman.




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