The Sultans of SID: #24: Rob Hubbard

Our twenty-fourth SID sultan of our Advent Calendar

From yesterday, our little clue was:

Best known for the in-game music of Monty on the Run.

Need I say more. He is one of the best loved C64 composers ever to have graced this planet. We have had to be picky as to which are his three most essential tracks as he has written so many crackers. Ladies and gentlemen, behind the 24th door, our Sultan of SID is…

Rob Hubbard

Born in Hull, he was a professional musician before he turned his fingers towards the SID chip. After teaching himself to code on the C64, he later added his new found skills to his compositional ones.

Starting out as a coder as well as a music scorer, he submitted his early demos to Gremlin Graphics, two hours by train from Hull Paragon in Sheffield. His musical skills attracted the attention of the software house, with his first assignment being the music to Thing on a Spring. Then came his work on Monty on the Run. His place as a SID legend was cemented with over 70 tunes composed between 1985 and 1989.

Essential Tunes

i. Monty on the Run

Without a doubt, the music to Monty on the Run is his best loved C64 work. The in-game music and title music is inspired by Devil’s Gallop by Charles Williams. Also worthy of mention is the excellent Game Over music, and the music for the High Score table.

ii. One Man and His Droid

Sometimes, a Rob Hubbard theme on a budget game could help with software sales. For his work on budget games, many of which were with Mastertronic. This theme from One Man And His Droid still sounds heavenly today. Unlike most titles at the time, Mastertronic’s games were also sold in newsagents and motorway service areas as well as computer shops.

iii. IK+

This is hailed as one of the greatest beat-em-ups to grace the Commodore 64. Add Rob Hubbard’s SID spectacular, you have a truly winning combination. The game itself was created by a C64 supergroup: Archer Maclean with the 6510 code and graphics, and a Dokk title screen as well as Rob himself.

That concludes our Advent Calendar


We hope you have enjoyed our look at the 24 Sultans of SID. In future, there may be more extensive articles on at least one of the musicians. East of the M60 hopes you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

S.V., 24 December 2016.


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