Stagecoach Manchester awards carer announced as Greater Manchester’s Unsung Hero

Unsung hero 002
Amazed: Marie Carslaw on being presented her award.

Here’s a nice Christmas story for you regarding a charitable Oldhamer. That of full time carer, Marie Carslaw. In a Stagecoach Manchester competition, she has been announced as the region’s unsung hero.

In recognition of her efforts, she was awarded the prize of an early Christmas as a ‘thank you’ for her selfless work in the local community.

As part of Stagecoach Manchester’s Customer Service Week, the company asked local people to nominate a friend or relative. Especially one whose hard work in the community regularly goes unnoticed. Or he or she could go out of their way to help others.

Thanks to her best friend, Donna Godleman, she nominated Marie for showing constant support to relatives and friends. This in addition to helping to provide food for less fortunate people in the community. Also, Marie was praised for being an exceptional mother to her three children who are on the autism spectrum.

For Marie, she was rewarded with a Christmas lunch for her family and friends. Plus, they were also given tickets to Winter Wonderland for Marie, her children and close relatives. Taking place at Event City (near the intu Trafford Centre) till New Year’s Day, Stagecoach Manchester’s X50 and 250 services stop close by.

In pictures: the presentation of her award

Unsung hero 003
Happiness: Maria’s efforts recognised.
Unsung hero 004
Glorious: Maria and her husband reading her certificate.
Unsung hero 001
Proud: Maria showing off her certificate prior to enjoying her Christmas dinner.

On her newly found status as Stagecoach Manchester’s unsung hero, Marie said: “The award came as such a surprise and what Stagecoach Manchester has done is absolutely fantastic, but I still don’t think I deserve it! Winter Wonderland is a place where I have wanted to go to with the children for some time and I’m very grateful that we have been given tickets to enjoy the experience as a family.”

Elisabeth Tasker, Stagecoach Manchester managing director, said: “Every day, so many people around the region do extraordinary things that largely go unnoticed. Marie is one of those people and the caring and selfless nature of her work in the local community means she is a more than deserving recipient of this award.”

We at East of the M60 wish (if you’re reading this) Maria and family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you enjoy your time at Winter Wonderland, adjacent to the intu Trafford Centre.

An EM60 Presentation, 23 December 2016.

All photographs courtesy of Tangerine PR Ltd.

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