Our seventh SID sultan of our Advent Calendar

From yesterday, our little clue was:

He was big on music for shoot-em-ups, especially Delta and Armalyte.

Before Creatures, the Thalamus label was pretty big on shoot-em-ups. Notably Sanxion, Delta and Armalyte. The last two had another thing in common: the musician…

Martin Walker

As well as the Commodore 64, IBM PC and Amiga, Martin Walker is an accomplished musician on the keyboards. He has his own record label, Yew Tree Magic, with leanings towards ambient sounds. In his post-computing era, he has also contributed to Sound on Sound magazine.

For his present day material, his Yew Tree Magic website is worth a peek. On our Advent Calendar, here are the three ‘must listen to’ tunes of the C64 era.

Essential Tunes

i. Citadel

What could we say about this piece? It has serious sphericals, the sort of music you need to get you towards the autofire button of your Quickshot joystick.

ii. Rupert and the Toymaker’s Party

Now for something completely different. Rupert and the Toymaker’s Party is one of his earliest works. One where he did the coding as well as the sound effects and music.

iii. Armalyte

No mention of Martin Walker’s music on the bread bin is complete without this classic. Armalyte is rated by many as an all-time favourite C64 shoot-em-up. The music, from the title theme to the high score table, is sensational. Even in 2016.

Tomorrow’s Sultan of SID…

Once again we shan’t divulge who our next SID legend is, but we can give you a clue. The clue is as follows:

He could cause a right LED Storm in Fifth Gear.

All will be revealed tomorrow.

S.V., 07 December 2016.

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