How Ashton-under-Lyne route’s Airport extension is taking our breath away

330 takes my breath away
We cannot imagine seeing Tom Cruise behind the wheel of a 330. Getting through Stockport Road West takes some nerves of steel. Here’s Stagecoach Manchester’s intrepid trio about to tackle the danger zone. Can they get through Dowson Road without being held up at the traffic lights on Knott Lane crossroads? (Image courtesy of Tangerine PR Ltd, 2016).

For nearly a month, the 330 service from Ashton-under-Lyne to Stockport has seen the extension of some of its journeys to Manchester Airport. This was mentioned in a previous edition of the Tameside bus service changes. Just to recap, most of the section hitherto part of the former 369 service is part of the 368A service. With this change, there are (M56 and M60 traffic permitting) four buses per hour from Stockport to Ringway. Non-stop from Stockport bus station to the Manchester Airport bus station.

Journeys continue to the World Freight Centre, maintaining a link with the airport (recently butchered by changes to Arriva’s 18 service from Altrincham). The journey is timetabled to take 20 minutes from Stockport to the World Freight Centre. A Top Gun theme was used to celebrate the service’s relaunch and extension.

The Managing Director of Stagecoach Manchester, Elisabeth Tasker said: “Manchester Airport is arguably the region’s most important transport and business hub, with thousands of commuters and millions of holiday makers making their way back and forth every year and we are pleased to provide them with regular, affordable and reliable transport links to the area.

“Substantial and sustained investment by Stagecoach has meant bus travel in the region has come a long way over the last 10 years. Passengers on the 330 will be able to relax on board our new buses, which lessen the impact public transport has on the environment, while making the most of free Wi-Fi and USB charging points before they arrive for work or jet off to somewhere hopefully much warmer than Manchester!”

Wayne Poole, Manchester Airport’s Landside Operations director said: “It’s great to see Stagecoach launch their new service to the airport from Ashton. We always encourage passengers and employees to make use of public transport, so this new service will make it even easier for those in Tameside and Stockport to get to the airport.

“It is the perfect addition to our station that’s open 24 hours a day and offers a multitude of services including bus, coach, rail and tram across our catchment area.”

So far, schedules have been stymied by the perennial pain in the posterior that is Stockport Road West, which could jeopardise the extension’s success. Furthermore, roadworks on Crescent Road have had an impact on traffic movements from Ashton to Dukinfield. 346 buses have also been diverted via Cavendish Street and Park Parade.

Wayne Pool (M.A.G), Elisabeth Tasker (Stagecoach Manchester), Karen Worgan (TfGM), John Twigg (M.A.G)
Celebrating the launch of the 330’s extension are Wayne Pool (Manchester Airport Group), Elisabeth Tasker (Stagecoach Manchester), Karen Worgan (Transport for Greater Manchester), and John Twigg (Manchester Airport Group) (Image courtesy of Tangerine PR Ltd, 2016).

In-Flight Entertainment?

Possible tunes for the journey to Ringway

  1. Theme music from Duty Free, Peter Knight (Yorkshire Television, 1984);
  2. I’m Mandy, Fly Me, 10cc (1976);
  3. Leaving on a Jet Plane, Peter, Paul and Mary (1967);
  4. Wings of a Dove, Madness (1983);
  5. Flying, The Beatles (1967);
  6. I’m Going to Spain, Steve Bent (1975);
  7. We’re Going to Ibiza, The Vengaboys (1999);
  8. Terminal Three, Linda Martin (1984);
  9. Barbados, Typically Tropical (1975);
  10. El Bimbo, Bimbo Jet (1975);
  11. Theme music from Benidorm, Philip Pope (ITV/Tiger Aspect, 2007).

An EM60 Presentation, 23 November 2016.

7 thoughts on “The 330 Takes to the Skies

  1. Note the 368A only runs a limited number of early morning journeys.

    Talking of appropriate music for Stagecoach services, can I nominate:

    Break the Chain (Fleetwood Mac) – the Formula One theme tune, for Saturday service 7, and Red Light Spells very late running (sorry, Mr. Ocean) for service 203


  2. I very rarely travel through Bredbury, so wondered if you can expand on the “Stockport Road West” problem. Is this peak only – is it largely connected to M60 incidents, or is it more general than that? I’ve caught one back from the Airport this afternoon, but chose badly as it was 25 mins late, having been noted similarly late westbound. The one behind went through the Interchange to WFT 11 late, but had recovered most of the time, such that three buses left direct for Stockport within less than 5 minutes. As insufficient time is built in for the rush hour traffic on the M60 (which itself starts well before 1545hrs), the bus was 35+ late in Stockport, where a massive queue was waiting to board. In saying that, the 203 was just as bad; including waiting time, it took me a further 70 minutes to get to North Reddish


    1. Hi Phil,

      From my past experience of working in Stockport, the section of Stockport Road West between the Traveller’s Call and The Crown pub was always the most sluggish section. Being three minutes late outside Morrisons was borderline on the 1812 journey I used to get.

      Sometimes I would walk from where I worked in Bredbury Industrial Estate along the path past the tip to Woodley Precinct (then continue to Hyde on the 330). In the mornings, the crawling would begin at Woodley Precinct in the westbound direction. Sometimes it would start at the junction with Pennine Road.

      Key to the problem was (and probably still is to this day) is the narrow section of Stockport Road West between Woodley Precinct and Bents Lane junction.

      On one occasion, I decided to walk from Pennine Road junction into the centre of Romiley (via a friend’s house on Birchvale Drive). I could have alighted at Bredbury station and transferred to the stop at The Rat Pit for the Romiley bus. Apart from fancying a walk, I thought the journey time would have been no different to the 330/384 combo between the two points.




  3. 330 bus is still no good for my hubby having to start work at 6 am as the first bus leaving Ashton under Lyne is 4-50 which would make him late by 15 minutes. Buses need to start at 4-30 am from Ashton.


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