Moovit 5.0 sees radical change in design

Two REAL trains
Improved Features: though the latest changes wouldn’t offer you any insurance against Pacer units on the Rose Hill Marple service, there are marked improvements to the apps aesthetics and heuristics. Image by Mikey, 2012 (Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved).

Moovit 5.0 has been given a complete redesign. Its recent developments have been based on fully understanding its users and their needs. These have been from primary research and user input over the four years since the app’s existence. The new version restructures the incredible amount of data transport available so that users get the information they need at a glance.

Its redesign takes an increasingly useful approach to a traveller’s needs by organising information around the primary transport requirements from a user. Say for example, “I’m going to a show at the Oldham Coliseum theatre” (Directions tab), “I need to know which transport options are around me” (Stations tab) and “I need information about bus and tram routes” (Lines tab).

When users have to go somewhere, the Directions tab gives them one-tap directions to their favoured destination. Then it offers suggested routes to any other location. Moovit has also redesigned the Suggested Routes and Itinerary screens with a focus on user-choice hierarchy so they can see all the important information at a glance. This allow passengers to get moving in seconds — often critical seconds that can mean the difference between catching and missing a bus or train.

The Stations tab blends together a map and list of stations nearby the user, complete with real-time information for arriving lines and bus routes. Users can quickly see how far they are from a station and when they have to leave to catch the next bus, train, or tram. This eliminates the feeling of anxiety when a traveller embarks on a journey, without knowing what time a train is arriving or where from. For people with autism spectrum conditions, this is a very useful addition.

The Lines tab consolidates everything users need to find information on specific bus, train, and tram routes in their city region. They can search for a route to view its stop sequence or timetable, find service alerts about delays or disruptions, and view the status of their favourite routes within the same tab.

Other key upgrades to Moovit 5.0 include:

The new Itinerary and Live Directions display information in a new design that makes it even easier to digest a large amount of information about a trip at a glance, including:

  • Integrated real-time arrivals;
  • Service alerts;
  • Platform numbers;
  • Entrance and exit locations;
  • Next scheduled times: just in case a traveller runs into an old friend on a journey and hangs out for a few minutes to chat, he or she doesn’t have to completely reorganise their journey.

Redesigned Train and Underground Station screens include:

  • Information on all lines;
  • Arrival and departure times;
  • Platform information;
  • Full schedules;
  • Service alerts: plus details of last buses, trains and trams of the night, so travellers don’t get stranded. A real bonus for the last 350 bus out of Saddleworth, and Friday night/Saturday morning trams and buses to and from Ashton.

Furthermore, the Train Station screen lets travellers filter by destination station. With all the key information in the palms of their hands, passengers can save critical seconds that often mean the difference between making the train and watching it pull away from the station. (We know how bad it feels when you miss your important connection after a few scoops in Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar).

“At Moovit, we listen very carefully to our community,” said Yovav Meydad, Moovit VP of Products & Growth. “The user community has asked for a more localised experience and we think they’ll agree that we have provided that with Moovit 5.0. We believe the more involved our users are, the better our app is and the more useful and enjoyable trips on public transport can become.

“That’s why we have continued to empower users to improve the quality of our data, to allow users to make their own improvements to the app where feasible, and it’s why we’ve undertaken this major refresh.”

Moovit’s 45 million users global users benefit from the app’s superior data accuracy. There is also the interconnection it has between users and the app, including over 65,000 ambassadors that make up the Moovit Editor Community. This provides an additional layer of crowdsourced data when official information is incorrect or unavailable.

In addition to the Editor Community, any Moovit user is empowered to make the app better with the ability to suggest edits to data within the app, including edits to many attributes of a station. For example: lift failures or closures. Also cleanliness or crowded platforms, map location, its name and possible permanent closure. You can also tell elderly passengers to avoid Salford Central station due to its low platforms.

Moovit users can even submit photos of bus stops as well as station entrances and exits. All of this is to help improve the overall experience of their fellow passengers. Even potentially avoid congestion, maintenance delays or other issues.

Moovit 5.0 for Android is available to download immediately via their website. Alternatively, you can download the app from Google Play.

An EM60 Presentation, 07 October 2016.

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