Changes marked by Bowles’ parting shot over traffic

Stagecoach Manchester, Optare Solo PO56 RNY, Stalybridge
I Should Solo: a fairly rare Stagecoach Manchester Optare Solo on the 340 service to Oldham (diverted that day due to Whit Friday).

For once, Autumn’s bus service changes are a little quiet. There has been no real shocks to the Tameside bus network (they’ll probably seen in October’s changes, closer to Hallowe’en). As usual, most of the services which have had summer timetables, will revert to their non-summer times.

Before leaving for pastures new, one of Christopher Bowles’ last acts at Stagecoach Manchester were changes to the timetables of selected routes. Many of which had operated under the summer timetables. His reason? The unpredictable nature of Greater Manchester’s traffic. Which, in other words, is shorthand for extended journey times to allow for prompt running. Possibly longer journey times than the pre-summer timetables.

Stagecoach Manchester timetable changes

The following services will be seeing changes to their timetables from the 04 September 2016:

  • 7: Ashton-under-Lyne – Droylsden – Gorton – Reddish – Stockport: timetable changes on most journeys;
  • 168: Ashton-under-Lyne – Littlemoss – Droylsden – Gorton – Chorlton-cum-Hardy [Bus Station]: weekday timetable changes (on Stagecoach Manchester journeys only);
  • 169: Ashton-under-Lyne – Littlemoss – Droylsden – Didsbury – Southern Cemetery: weekday timetable changes (on Stagecoach Manchester journeys only);
  • 221: Dukinfield [Tennyson Avenue] – Audenshaw – Fairfield – Openshaw – Manchester [Piccadilly Gardens]: timetable changes to all journeys;
  • 231: Tameside Hospital – Ashton-under-Lyne – Littlemoss – Droylsden – Manchester [Piccadilly Gardens]: timetable changes to all journeys;
  • 236: Ashton-under-Lyne – Stalybridge – Woolley Bridge – Glossop: timetable changes to some weekday journeys;
  • 237: Ashton-under-Lyne – Stalybridge – Tintwistle – Hadfield – Glossop: timetable changes to some weekday journeys;
  • 327: Denton – Bredbury – Brinnington – Portwood – Stockport: timetable changes to some weekday journeys;
  • 347: Ashton-under-Lyne – Guide Bridge – Hooley Hill – Denton – Haughton Green: minor timetable changes;
  • 358: Stockport – Marple – New Mills – Hayfield: timetable changes to all journeys;
  • 360: Stockport – Hayfield: the 0525 journey will depart at 0520.

Back to School Timetables

The following services will be reverting to their autumn, winter, and spring timetables from the 04 September 2016:

  • 201: Hattersley – Hyde – Denton – Gorton – Manchester [Piccadilly Gardens] (Stagecoach Manchester);
  • 204: Hyde – Haughton Green – Denton – Gorton – Manchester [Piccadilly Gardens] (Stagecoach Manchester);
  • 205: Denton – Dane Bank – Debdale Park – Gorton – Manchester [Piccadilly Gardens] (Stagecoach Manchester);
  • 206: Gee Cross – Hyde – Denton – West Gorton – Manchester [Piccadilly Gardens] (Stagecoach Manchester);
  • 207: Gee Cross – Hyde – Denton – Gorton – Manchester [Piccadilly Gardens] (Stagecoach Manchester);
  • 216: Stalybridge – Ashton-under-Lyne – Droylsden – Clayton – Manchester [Piccadilly Gardens] (Stagecoach Manchester);
  • 219: Stalybridge – Ashton-under-Lyne – Audenshaw – Openshaw – Manchester [Piccadilly Gardens] (Stagecoach Manchester);
  • 330: Ashton-under-Lyne – Dukinfield – Hyde – Woodley – Stockport (Stagecoach Manchester);
  • 409: Ashton-under-Lyne – Hathershaw – Oldham – Royton – Rochdale (First Greater Manchester).

Other Changes

Only one tendered service that operates in the Tameside area will see some changes. From the 05 September, the 396 service will no longer serve the Manchester Creative and Media Academy. This affects the 0745 journey which will terminate at Newton Heath like the rest of the service.

In the High Peak, changes to Centrebus’ High Peak services will see a change to the 62 service from Marple to Hayfield. Its 1550 journey from Hayfield will be split at New Mills to run in two sections. Its sister route from Buxton to Glossop via New Mills, the 61, will benefit from an additional weekday journey. This will be a part route journey from Glossop to Hayfield, departing at 1920. Changes will also be made to the AM peak time of the 199 Skyline service from Manchester Airport to Buxton via Stockport and Newtown.

Furthermore, the 951 service from Glossop to Holmfirth and Huddersfield have finished its summer run. Operated by Ladies Only Travel, the length of its seasonal operation is shorter than previous years. Its predecessors have operated the seasonal service via Crowden till the end of October. (Perhaps South Pennine CT’s presence on part of that run – all year round – has rendered the 951 redundant in October).

Whatever next?

October’s changes will also coincide with the 30th anniversary of bus deregulation. Whatever your political leanings, it was a seminal moment in bus history (I shan’t elaborate on my views to wrap up this round up, by the way).

On the 15 and the 16 October, the Greater Manchester Museum of Transport would be marking this occasion with the return of The Big Orange transport festival (oodles of Greater Manchester Transport and GM Buses themed eye candy). If it ends up being like the 2004 event, it will be a cracker.

October’s changes may well be interesting. From a Stagecoach point of view, we shall see the first set of changes under Mr Bowles’ successor.

S.V., 30 August 2016.

One thought on “Tameside and Glossop Bus Service Changes, Autumn 2016

  1. Actually, Chris Bowles parting shot wasn’t about the unpredictable nature of traffic across the county – it was purely moaning about the city centre. There are “38” reasons why his comments have caused a wry smile in many quarters. Most Bus Guides for the changes are now available in the Travelshops and virtually all should be on line via the TFGM website. So, if you want to judge Mr. Bowles comments in the context of the rest of the world beyong St.Peter’s Square, then you could try comparing the current no. 7 timetable on a Saturday, with the new one….

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