Moovit 4.13 for Android enables users to record temporary station closures and track maintenance issues

Automatic doors sticking at Scarborough station? The latest update for Moovit enables you to report problems affecting your train journey. Not only signal failures, but also malfunctioning lifts and escalators. Image by Matt Buck (Creative Commons License: Some Rights Reserved).

When Allen, Brady, and Marsh prepared their advertising pitch for the British Rail contract in 1976, the newly-appointed BR chief, Peter Parker, was ushered into a scruffy reception area. There were cigarette dimps, used coffee cups and a table with tea, coffee and beer stains. This gave the chief a look at Britons’ popular perceptions of waiting rooms in British Rail stations.

40 years on, we have apps that enable us, the passenger, to record any discrepancies in service delivery. Plus references to signal failures, short formations, or inadequacies in rolling stock. In fact, this fellow producing your entry could have done that with his Monday evening journey (had he updated his copy of Moovit).

The app has gone one step further by opening editing capabilities to all. Previously only available to members of the Moovit Community program, the new feature now allows public transport users to help others to have the most up-to-date public transport information, making the travel experience better for all passenger. Moovit’s latest version (4.13) is available for immediate download on Android devices.

Now, any Moovit user can suggest edits to data within the app, including edits to many attributes of a station. For example, its location on the map; its name and whether it is open or not, or hardly open (like Denton and Reddish South stations). Due to some quirks in data collection, a station icon will be shown on the map near where the station is located. For example, across the road or a few yards away, though not in its actual location.

When planning a trip via the app, the station icon location on the map is taken into consideration in the routes each user receives. If the station is located across the road from where the icon is seen on the map, he or she may find their route inaccurate, if they have to walk longer than expected to find the entrance.

The new update, coupled with Moovit’s existing level of service reporting capabilities (i.e, dodgy lifts at Altrincham station, dirty waiting rooms, or the use of Pacer DMUs in peak hours) – gives users a comprehensive ability to quickly spot discrepancies. Passengers can make changes that can help to improve the overall experience of their fellow transport riders. Some may even help to avoid congestion, maintenance delays or other issues.

“We’ve seen such amazing success with our Community program, with more than 65,000 people worldwide signing up to become editors or ambassadors to improve the quality of our data, that we decided to expand upon this fundamental idea of the Community,” said Yovav Meydad, Moovit VP of Products.

“We’re now empowering all of our millions of users to make changes and improvements within the app. The more users that are involved in the process, the better the data in the app becomes, and the more people we’re able to help have smoother journeys on public transport.”

With Moovit 4.13, you can now submit photos of bus stops as well as station entrances and exits, helping other riders to quickly recognise where they should be entering a station to find their train or metro line. This is particularly helpful in cases of unmarked or inconspicuous entrances. Edits to the station entrance and exit details will be moderated by existing Community editors and ambassadors for accuracy, with a goal of approving appropriate changes within 48 hours.

Moovit 4.13 for Android is available to download immediately via their website. Alternatively, you can download the app from Google Play.

An EM60 Presentation, 11 August 2016.

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