Now You Know What I Did This Summer: Falmouth, 2016

A Look at the Public Transport Network in a Cornish harbour town

Grace boat Falmouth Harbour
If you love your boats, Falmouth is the place to be. As for buses, a fairly elusive beast for a town of its size. Especially after 7pm.

In the last month, the head honcho of East of the M60 has taken a well-deserved break in Falmouth. For the uninitiated, Falmouth is a busy Cornish harbour town with the third deepest natural harbour in the world (after Sydney and Rio de Janeiro). It is a popular place with sailors, whether your choice of craft is a modest dinghy, or a multi-million Pound yacht. The best way of exploring the resort is along the Carrick Roads on one of FalRiver’s or Enterprise’s ferries (to St. Mawes or Truro). Or on many boat trips exploring the area. Continue reading “Now You Know What I Did This Summer: Falmouth, 2016”