Brexit Fails to Curb Brits’ Enthusiasm for International Travel

Survey Reveals Britons’ Spirit of Adventure

  • 43.2% wish to travel internationally this summer;
  • 20.3% are planning a staycation;
  • 65% of participants cited affordability as the key factor when choosing a holiday;
  • 80% of Britons abroad opt to live live a local and use public transport in their host country.
How I Spent My Staycation: one in five UK holidaymakers wish to holiday in Britain. Seen leaving Scarborough is 185117, bound for Liverpool Lime Street via Stalybridge and Manchester Piccadilly. Image by Matt Buck (Creative Commons License: Some Rights Reserved).

In spite of Brexit fever, our love of holidays abroad hasn’t been sullied (least for now) thanks to a survey by users of the Moovit app. The survey questioned 3,000 users about choosing an overseas holiday or a staycation. Also their preferred modes of transport, public or private.

According to the survey, as many as 63.5% of Moovit users in the UK plan to travel for their holidays this year. 43.2% are planning stay overseas with 20.3% opting for Torquay or the like instead of Turkey. The top three factors affecting their destination were: affordability (65%); type of destination (city, beach, mountains at 54.9%); and the weather (42%).

Though many Moovit users tend to use public transport for their daily commutes or otherwise around their home towns, a staggering 80% of Brits abroad opt for living like locals. In doing so, they use public transport for either the entire holiday or part of it. More intrepid, it appears, than the French by comparison with only 65% of French users asked opting to use public transport for all or part of their holiday.

When asked how they mainly got around on holiday, Moovit’s worldwide users answered:

  • France: 65% opted to walk;
  • Spain: 57% opted for public transport;
  • Italy: 43% opted for public transport;
  • UK: 32.8% opted for public transport, 32.8% opted to walk;
  • US: 33% opted for a private rental car.

Private car use (rented or owned) came in at a close second, as the preferred method for 21.3% of users in the UK. US travellers pipped all other countries asked as the biggest fans of the car. Unsurprisingly, with affordability being one of the top factors in choosing a destination, ride sharing (such as with Uber) and taxis were the least preferred modes of transportation while on vacation for users in all four countries. Only 7.7% of users opting for getting around this way.

The vast majority of users, 68%, said that if Moovit was available in their holiday destination and in their chosen language, they would be much more likely to use public transport. Alex Mackenzie Torres, Moovit CMO said:

“The feedback that we get from our users is very important to us, and in this instance we’re learning not just how Moovit users move around their own cities, but also how they’re affected by their transit options when they’re traveling for fun

“A vacation should be a time of relaxation, not stressing about your travel options. By learning more about our users’ travel habits, we’re able to continue to improve their experiences on public transportation, both at home and away.”

Within a week of this post’s publication, this year’s edition of Now You Know What I Did This Summer will be seen on East of the M60. This year’s edition will be covering the bus, train, and ferry services of Falmouth, Cornwall.

S.V., 26 July 2016.


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