The Greatest Cover Versions by The Toy Dolls: The Not So Perfect Ten

Ten “must-listen to” cover versions by Sunderland’s finest musical export

Nellie the Elephant
An elephant, in South Africa. Supposedly called Nellie. Image by Chris Hills, 2010 (Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved).

Hagiographies of punk and new wave music in Northern England seldom breach the Standedge Tunnel’s Diggle end. Lazily, history tells us about the Buzzcocks, Joy Division, Slaughter and the Dogs, and the Sex Pistols’ gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall. Fewer column inches are devoted to the Liverpool groups, or the Leodisian contributions of the Gang of Four and The Mekons. What about the North East of England? Usually Penetration and another band famous for the cover of a soppy elephant song. Continue reading “The Greatest Cover Versions by The Toy Dolls: The Not So Perfect Ten”

Brexit Fails to Curb Brits’ Enthusiasm for International Travel

Survey Reveals Britons’ Spirit of Adventure

  • 43.2% wish to travel internationally this summer;
  • 20.3% are planning a staycation;
  • 65% of participants cited affordability as the key factor when choosing a holiday;
  • 80% of Britons abroad opt to live live a local and use public transport in their host country.
How I Spent My Staycation: one in five UK holidaymakers wish to holiday in Britain. Seen leaving Scarborough is 185117, bound for Liverpool Lime Street via Stalybridge and Manchester Piccadilly. Image by Matt Buck (Creative Commons License: Some Rights Reserved).

In spite of Brexit fever, our love of holidays abroad hasn’t been sullied (least for now) thanks to a survey by users of the Moovit app. The survey questioned 3,000 users about choosing an overseas holiday or a staycation. Also their preferred modes of transport, public or private. Continue reading “Brexit Fails to Curb Brits’ Enthusiasm for International Travel”