Antiques Bus Trip: Day Three, Oldham

Antiques and collectables shops from Glossop to Ramsbottom

The third part of East of the M60’s series of seven posts for Catch The Bus Week 2016

Lyceum Theatre, 95 Union Street, Oldham
Day Three: either the 340, 343 or the 350 takes us to Oldham. Seen here are three icons of Oldham. Under wraps is the old town hall, in the midst of conversion to an ODEON multiplex cinema with restaurants. Dominating the scene is The Lyceum theatre and the modern-day icon of a Metrolink tram. Image by Dronsfield Autospares (, 2014. Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved.

After our sojourn in Mossley, our next leg is considerably easier. We have the choice of the quick way via Lees (340 or 343), or the scenic route via Saddleworth (the 350 via Greenfield, Uppermill, Dobcross, and Delph).

Mossley – Oldham

  • 340/343: Mossley [Britannia Hotel] – Oldham bus station (via Grotton and Lees) (Stagecoach Manchester/Stott’s Tours);
  • 350: Mossley [Commercial Hotel] – Oldham bus station (via Greenfield, Uppermill, Dobcross, Delph) (First Greater Manchester).

The fastest route is either the 343 or its Sunday companion, the 340. This takes 25 minutes to complete the journey into Oldham. On the 350, at least 40 minutes but, wow, what a route!

Vintage 55

Continuing yesterday’s theme of charitable bodies, we go from helping homeless people to aged persons. To the untrained observer, Vintage 55 looks like an independently owned antiques and collectables shop.

On closer examination, it is a shop that is part of Age UK. The shop on George Street takes the number from its house number instead of the volunteers’ average ages (which from my visits is closer to 42). If you’re coming into Oldham on a 409 or 184 and alighting at King Street, walk all the way up Barn Street (side of King’s Hall). The shop is on the right hand side.

The ground floor is dominated by clothes and bric-a-brac, with an impressive window display showing some of its wares. Up on the first floor, some more clothes and footwear. Near the top of the stairs is a glass cabinet, for displaying film cameras. Within the first floor, you will also see a selection of toys, games, books and recorded music.

Next up…

For Day Four, we take two buses to our next venue. At Oldham, we have a shedload of possibilities: the slow route via Ashton-under-Lyne, or a slightly faster route via Manchester. All will be revealed tomorrow.

S.V., 06 July 2016


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