Plus 2.2 million satisfied users in the United Kingdom

Stagecoach Manchester, Optare Solo PO56 RNY, Stalybridge
2.2 million UK users can’t be wrong: not only is it good for the 340 seen in Stalybridge, it is also good for trains and trams.

Almost eighteen months ago, we learned about this exciting new transport app called Moovit. Since then, it has amassed 40 million users worldwide, 2.2 million of which in Britain.

In the last year, it has come a long way thanks to continuous product development. Now the world’s largest public transport app, its developers have added a slew of essential features for travellers. These include information about individual station entrances and exits. Plus the time taken to switch platforms, accessibility features for blind travellers and multi-modal travel options. This also includes bike and car-sharing schemes.

It is now available in over 1,000 cities worldwide, bringing the company ever closer to its goal to map out the world’s public transport systems. Thanks to a pioneering mix of publicly available travel data from local bus, train, tram, underground, coach, and ferry operators and crowdsourced data uploaded by its users.

The community programme has contributed significantly to the company’s growth as travellers in cities where transport information has proven difficult to obtain rally round to map their own city. The community editor programme has now been active for over two years, during which time members of the community team have volunteered their time and energy to map over 115 cities that Moovit would not otherwise have been able to launch in due to lack of readily available transit data.

Key collaborations have similarly contributed to the app’s rise. Recent worldwide partnerships with Uber and DriveNow have signalled a large step forward in offering truly multi-modal travel around cities.

Alex Mackenzie Torres, the chief of Moovit said, “We are experiencing a huge surge in downloads from the UK as travellers are keen to find a solution that will help combat the delays and issues facing many of the country’s largest transport networks.

“Together with our editor community, new cities across the world are launching daily and our ultimate goal is to map out the transport networks across the world, connecting communities in remoter areas while easing transport issues in the more densely populated cities.”

S.V., 03 July 2016.

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