Micklehurst-Based Band’s Junior Kick-Start

Incredible Plastic Street Band commences crowdsourcing campaign

The Incredible Plastic Street Band
Whit Friday, 2016: The Incredible Plastic Street Band seen on Manchester Road, Bottom Mossley, during their first Whit Walk – and first ever public performance. Should funding initiatives be successful, this could be the first of many Whit Walks. Who knows? Like Hattersley Brass, they could consider the Whit Friday Band Contest circuit.

The Vale is one of Mossley’s treasures. Situated in Micklehurst, it is a multipurpose arts venue which plays host to local groups and a community cinema. Among the groups that use the former woollen mill is The Incredible Plastic Street Band.

With lead funding from The National Foundation for Youth Music set to expire next month, the youth band has begun a Kickstarter appeal. Starting next week, the band aim to raise a thousand pounds. The extra funding, via the website with sufficient local support will ensure their future. If successful, this will go towards the formation of two permanent bands. One will be a training band, with the other being a marching band for local parades and community events.

The Incredible Plastic Street Band is a 30-piece brass band with a difference, as their name suggests. Made up of Stalybridge and Mossley-based schoolchildren aged 7 to 11 years old, they play plastic versions of full-size brass band instruments. Their instruments are made by Warwick Music Limited, under the pBone brand. Besides being lighter to carry yet robust, they are also cheaper to buy.

Furthermore, this makes a pBone trombone cheaper for schools or home use. In vivid colours, they are fun to use at rehearsals or concert settings. The band’s musical director is Tim Chatterton, who is supported by trumpet/cornet tutor Vicky Williamson (St. Paul’s Brass Group) and trombone tutor Paul Exton-McGuinness (musical director of St. John’s Band, Mossley). Beren Airstone is another prime mover of the band which has enriched Stalybridge and Mossley schoolchildren in the last quarter.

On Friday [24 June], The Incredible Plastic Street Band held a public rehearsal at The Vale. In attendance were the Mayor and Mayoress of Mossley Town Council, and Vanessa Rothwell, from Tameside MBC Cultural Services. Conducting the public rehearsal was Richard Marshall, Black Dyke Band’s highly-regarded principal cornet player. His accessible nature was well received by the children that make up the band and the audience.

The Incredible Plastic Street Band’s long-term vision is to encourage 7 – 12 year-olds to learn a musical instrument. The use of pBone instruments offers a stepping stone towards brass-made brass band instruments. Furthermore, a potential career path as well as a lifelong interest in brass band music. A move which can only be a good thing for the brass banding movement.

Next week sees a grand concert which is the culmination of three months’ work. We sincerely hope this isn’t their last one. To prevent this from happening, tell your friends about the Incredible Plastic Street Band. Tell them about their Kickstarter campaign. Once we get the link, we shall post it on East of the M60.

For the time being, you can follow them on Twitter via @ValeMusicMCR or @coachingcounts. To follow them on Facebook, go to the Vale Music Ensemble page and give them a ‘like’. Do it right away.

S.V., 24 June 2016.


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  1. I will be supporting the kick start as my hearing impaired granddaughter plays the trumpet in the band. He confidence has grown immensely over the last few months and this is entirely due to the friendships and opportunities she has been given.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Stuart. I made my pledge this evening and lets hope they reach the target of just £1,000 before the end of July.


  2. Hi Stuart, long time no see, I hope all’s well with you. My little lad plays in the band and loves it. I’ll let Joe know you’ve given it a good write-up. Hopefully we’ll see you up at The Vale some time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Andy,

      Most definitely ‘long time no see’. This blog has troubling the deepest recesses of cyberspace since August 2006, originally to promote my own old school website. Now it has taken on a life of its own.

      I’m also happy to see your lad is enjoying his time with the band. Given where they were over a year ago, it gives me great pleasure to be saying this, after their Kickstarter campaign. They were good at this year’s Whit Walks in Mossley too.

      Last year (on Brexit Friday, which I booked off anyway to avoid coming into work with a sullen face), I had the joy of seeing a demonstration with The Incredible Plastic Street Band. It took me a while to find Vale Mill but, a rather sweaty S.V. made it in good time.




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