Moovit collaborates with UEFA’s Fan Guide App

Stade de France
City to City: Moovit aims to make the going easy from Marseilles to Paris in the European Championships Finals. Photograph of Stade de France taken by Philippe Agnifili, 2011 (Creative Commons License, Some Rights Reserved – Share Alike-No Derivatives).

With the exception of Scotland, all of Great Britain’s home nations will be competing in the Euros 2016 finals. It’s an historical occasion as Wales are in the Finals stage of an international competition after a 58-year gap. That was the 1958 World Cup Finals in Sweden, where a little known footballer made a great impact. (Well, that little known footballer turned out to be Pelé).

Back in 1958, a trip to mainland Europe meant countless timetables, visas, ferry crossings, and a train or coach or three. Flying was out of reach for many households. Today, apart from passport controls and security procedures, a trip to Paris is as easy as a trip to Merseyway Shopping Centre in Stockport from Hyde Town Hall (the 330 is every 10 minutes, or half hourly after 1930 hours).

Making your trip to France easier is Moovit’s inclusion in the UEFA Fan Guide App. Moovit will be included in the mobility section of the UEFA EURO 2016 Fan Guide app to provide football fans with a convenient way to get to and from games in each of the 10 host cities.

UEFA will launch the UEFA EURO 2016 Fan Guide app, presented by Continental, to enhance fans’ experience and excitement when travelling throughout the tournament in France. One of the many benefits of the app is the mobility section, where fans can find transport directions with Moovit and enjoy smooth journeys on public transport across all 10 Host Cities.

Users can plan a route wherever they wish to go: with a push of the button Moovit will guide them step-by-step with live directions that update in real-time like GPS. With this great feature, users can spend their time following the matches instead of figuring out how to get where they’re going.

Ten cities in France will be hosting EURO games after it kicks off on 10th June: Paris, Saint-Denis, Lille, Lens, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Nice, and Saint-Etienne. 24 countries are involved in the EURO competition, and a total of 51 games will be played. Over 2.5 million fans are expected to attend games in the stadium, with an additional seven million fans expected to watch in the EURO fan zones. In the app, Moovit will integrate helpful information for fans getting around during the EURO games, such as fanzone locations and stadium information.

“Our inclusion in the UEFA EURO 2016 Fan Guide app is directly related to our goal of improving the public transport experience for all users,” said Alex Mackenzie Torres, Moovit CMO. “We’re providing vital transit data for football fans in all of the EURO host cities in order to ensure that users are able to get to and from games smoothly, despite the larger than normal crowds.”

Moovit is available for free for all users on both iOS and Android devices, and is used by more than 35 million users in over 850 cities and 65 countries worldwide.

East of the M60 also wishes the best of luck to all the participating home nations in Euros 2016.

S.V., 01 June 2016.

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