Whit Friday 2016 Results: Saddleworth Contests

East of the M60’s classified check on the Oldham and Saddleworth Area Whit Friday Brass Band Contest Results.

Fairey, Hepworth and Brighouse and Rastrick bands take centre stage in the Saddleworth contests

In the Saddleworth Whit Friday band contests, the balance of power has shifted from Queensbury to Brighouse, Hepworth and Stockport. Brighouse and Rastrick Band were top dog at Delph and Denshaw. Fairey won the top prize at the Lydgate, and Scouthead and Austerlands contests. Winning at Diggle and Dobcross, a recently re-energised Hepworth Silver Band.

In Lees and Springhead, the Birmingham Conservatoire band picked up the top prize with Brighouse and Rastrick in second place. Over at the Friezland contest, it was Greenfield which picked up top honours at the contest for lower section bands. They were also the first band to play at the parish hall.

The atrocious weather did nothing to stop the bands descending on the Saddleworth venues. Delph played host to 80 bands; Dobcross saw 70; and Diggle equalled their contest record of 63 bands. There was 48 bands at Friezland, a figure modest for Saddleworth standards, but a fantastic one if held three miles south of the venue.

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Whit Friday 2016 Results: Tameside Contests

East of the M60’s classified check on Tameside’s Whit Friday Brass Band Contests

Middleton Band, Ashton United F.C., Whit Friday 2016
Bouncing Down: wet weather did little to dampen the spirits of Middleton Band, who won the Best 2nd Section Band prize at the Hurst Village Contest.

Foden’s win Tameside Open Championship, though only just

For a staggering fourteenth year on the trot, Foden’s won the Tameside Open Championship prize. The Sandbach-based band, whose band club was ravaged by fire lately, won at Audenshaw, Carrbrook, Hurst Cross, Stalybridge Celtic and the Upper Mossley contests. Foden’s also won the Deportment prize at the Upper Mossley contest, and were first on at the Audenshaw contest. Continue reading “Whit Friday 2016 Results: Tameside Contests”