It’s Up the Poll! 2016: Mossley Town Council Election Results

Travis wins Cheshire Ward’s fourth seat


Frank Travis clinched the vacant Cheshire Ward seat at the Mossley Town Council elections yesterday.

The Labour councillor, who previously sat in Tameside MBC’s Mossley led with 482 votes, with a turnout of 33.6%.

Present council, by ward:

Lancashire Ward

  • Gregg Brett (Independent);
  • Claire Hardisty (Independent);
  • Jack Homer (Labour).

Yorkshire Ward

  • Eleanor Shember-Critchley (Labour);
  • Lesley Ann Bill (Independent).

Cheshire Ward

  • Dean Aylett (Independent);
  • Christine Lyness (Independent);
  • Amy Connolly (Independent);
  • Frank Travis (Labour).

*                               *                              *

Cheshire Ward results:

  • Christine Clark, Green Party: 177;
  • Martin Kiely, Liberal Democrats: 89;
  • Irene Raddings, Independent candidate: 358;
  • Julia Robinson, Independent candidate: 352;
  • Frank Travis, Labour and Co-operative Party: 482.

Turnout: 33.6%

Electorate: 4,377

Mossley ward candidates (Tameside MBC Local Elections)

Again, for your convenience, the Mossley ward results for the Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council local elections. That’s because we are good like that.

  • Dean Aylett, Independent candidate: 705;
  • Lesley Bill, Independent candidate: 765;
  • Claire Hardisty, Independent candidate: 408;
  • Christine Lyness, Independent candidate: 647;
  • Christine Clark, Green Party: 339;
  • Stuart Bennett, Green Party: 222;
  • Phil Rogers, Conservative Party: 321;
  • Martin Kiely, Liberal Democrats: 134;
  • Jack Homer, Labour Party: 1,140;
  • Tafheen Sharif, Labour Party: 784.

Jack Homer and Tafheen Sharif are duly elected as Mossley’s councillors for Tameside MBC.

*                               *                              *

Next up on It’s Up The Poll! 2016

The small matter of a European Union membership referendum. Will Tameside favour staying in the EU? Or, will it be a borough Brexit?

S.V., 05 May 2016.


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