Moovit users in 22 countries and 131 cities set to benefit from new addition to app

In the last year, one private hire company more than anything has never been out of the press. Whether for good or bad reasons, Uber has been uttered on many a taxi or minicab themed discussion. In the last six months, Greater Manchester has seen its Uber footprint extend eastwards, towards most of the Tameside area. For many, it is a cheaper alternative to established minicab and Hackney Carriage operators.

Taking advantage of its rising popularity, you can now book an Uber cab through Moovit. This will be available in 22 countries and over 131 cities worldwide. Its combination of official and crowdsourced transit data allows for more extensive coverage. Moovit has been providing journey planning options for users for the past six months, which is reinforced by this integration with Uber’s private hire app.

The integration will be rolled out in the coming weeks to all Moovit users in:

  • The USA, Canada, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico;
  • The United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria;
  • Australia;
  • Singapore.

Where available, Moovit users can plan their journeys using a combination of options such as local buses, trains, bike sharing services, and Uber. All of which from within the app from both a dedicated button in the Moovit home screen, and within the app’s trip-planning module. If a user’s preferred mode of transport is delayed or obstructed by traffic, they can use the Uber integration as a substitute for their usual route, or as part of it (for example to get to the railway station faster than their usual bus might get them there).

“Our goal is to provide our users with the best possible experience on public transport, but there are times when it’s quicker for users to get around via car,” said Nir Erez, Moovit CEO. “By now offering the option to order an Uber for all or part of a journey, we’re able to give our users even more freedom in deciding how they want to get from point A to point B.”

Uber is already making waves in the UK’s urban areas, but private hire minicab companies reign supreme in some parts of Greater Manchester. Particularly in Oldham, Tameside and Rochdale where minicab fares can offer little difference on Uber prices. Moreover, many of the companies have built up an established client base within their localities.

S.V., 05 May 2016.

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