It’s Up the Poll! 2016: The Mossley Town Council Election

A look at Tameside’s only Town Council election of 2016

Looking out to the Cheshire ward: a view of Micklehurst from the other Whitehall. Oh, and here’s a neat factoid: the late Rik Mayall is descended from the Mayalls who owned Whitehall, in Mossley Park. Interesting.

If you live in Mossley Town Council’s Cheshire Ward, you shall receive two ballot papers at your polling station tomorrow. One will be for Tameside MBC’s Mossley ward (two-thirds of the ward up for election due to a vacancy). The other will be for the Cheshire Ward that covers Micklehurst and Roaches Lock (which takes in a fair chunk of the 340 and 343 bus routes within Mossley).

Top of the average Mossley voter’s issues remain the state of its car parking, and the future of the market ground site.

Present council, by ward:

Lancashire Ward

  • Gregg Brett (Independent);
  • Claire Hardisty (Independent);
  • Jack Homer (Labour).

Yorkshire Ward

  • Eleanor Shember-Critchley (Labour);
  • Lesley Ann Bill (Independent).

Cheshire Ward

  • Dean Aylett (Independent);
  • Christine Lyness (Independent);
  • Amy Connolly (Independent).

*                               *                              *

Cheshire Ward Candidates:

Votes for Cheshire Ward candidate can only be cast at the Polling Stations at Mossley Youth Base (No. 59), and at a Mobile building outside the Roaches Lock Inn (No. 62). One vote per ballot.

  • Christine Clark, Green Party;
  • Martin Kiely, Liberal Democrats;
  • Irene Raddings, Independent candidate;
  • Julia Robinson, Independent candidate;
  • Frank Travis, Labour and Co-operative Party.

Mossley ward candidates (Tameside MBC Local Elections)

Unless you read the previous It’s Up The Poll! 2016 posting, we at East of the M60 have – for your convenience – furnished you with details of the runners and riders of the Mossley ward. For this election, you have two to elect, from the ten candidates seen below. This is prompted by a vacancy, and the retirement of Eleanor Shember-Critchley from her Tameside MBC seat.

  • Dean Aylett, Independent candidate;
  • Lesley Bill, Independent candidate;
  • Claire Hardisty, Independent candidate;
  • Christine Lyness, Independent candidate;
  • Christine Clark, Green Party;
  • Stuart Bennett, Green Party;
  • Phil Rogers, Conservative Party;
  • Martin Kiely, Liberal Democrats;
  • Jack Homer, Labour Party;
  • Tafheen Sharif, Labour Party.

*                               *                              *

Next up on It’s Up The Poll! 2016

We shall be seeing the results of both the Tameside MBC and the Mossley Town Council Local Elections. Hold on tight…

S.V., 04 May 2016.


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