Top Beer on Stockport Brewing Company’s porter

For lovers of cask conditioned and bottle conditioned ales, Greater Manchester is some sort of a metropolis for its microbreweries. Stockport town centre also has three microbreweries alongside Frederic Robinson’s Unicorn Brewery. Two of them are yards apart, with the third one closer to Heaviley.

One is situated in The Magnet public house on Wellington Road North. In recent memory, The Magnet was a floundering pub. Its development into a brewpub has come up in leaps and bounds. Their enterprise is known as Watts Brewing?. Over on Carrington Field Street is Cryptic Brewery.

For our edition of Top Beer, we focus on the third force. Stockport Brewing Company was formed in 2013 by two former British Gas apprentices, Steve and Andy. Their brewery is a unit underneath Arch 14 of the famed Stockport viaduct. Their brewery tap is The Crown public house. Which, thankfully for me, is a short distance from Stockport bus station, though quite a long stagger (after several pints) towards the 330 bus on V stand.

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Introducing Stock Porter


Stock Porter is one of ten brews by the Stockport Brewing Company. It is a porter (hence its name – duh!) at 4.8% with chocolate and coffee notes. Being at the higher end of the 4%, you could hardly class it as a sessionable brew.

It is good for imbibing in the long winter nights in front of a coal fire. The coffee and chocolate notes make for a flavoursome pint. On aftertaste there was hints of vanilla. Had there not been the counter attraction of several other real ales, this would have been my second pint.

Stock Porter would go well with hearty portions of sausage and mash, or a good steak and kidney pie (again with mash). Which, with many a porter, would have been enjoyed by London market porters. (Hence the origins of the name Porter, being a drink enjoyed by London market porters after a shift). Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to enjoy the pie, nor the sausage and mash at my desired hostelry.

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If you see Stock Porter on anywhere, it is well worth seeking out. For drinkers new to porters, this is a good one to start off with, being well bodied in flavour. The chocolate and coffee taste makes it ideal for beginners. If you live in Greater Manchester or what’s left of Cheshire, take a trip to The Crown Inn. You’ve only got 13 cask conditioned beers to choose from!

Stuart Vallantine devoured his pint of Stock Porter at the Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar on the 12 April 2016 after boarding the 1741 Hull Paragon train. This was followed by another pint – of a different ale – then a 237 bus to Bower Fold. Stalybridge Celtic beat North Ferriby United 2-0 that night.

S.V., 14 April 2016.

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