Stalybridge Town Cinema, March 2016: Many Yanks for a Great Night

Another good night at the Town Cinema

Last Tuesday’s showing of Yanks [on the 22 March] was well received at the Stalybridge Town Cinema. The film, directed by John Schlesinger (1979), was chosen by means of a public vote on the Stalybridge Town Community Cinema Facebook page. Among its audience, the 2 hour 15 minute film was well received.

As well as covering the American soldiers’ arrival, two romances are integral to the film. One between Matt Dyson (Richard Gere) and Jean Moreton (Lisa Eichhorn), plus one with Captain John (William Devane) and Helen (Vanessa Redgrave). We see the soldiers mixing with the locals, in concert halls, on New Year’s Day, in the cinema, and other minutiae of small town life. One can never fault Mr. Schlesinger’s attention to detail.

Swaying the public vote on the Lil’ Ol’ Book of Face was the film’s setting. Particularly those of Stalybridge seen at the start and finish of the film. Most of the audience were bleary-eyed over the sighting of Stalybridge Town Hall, Trinity Street and Market Street.

Prior to release, Yanks was filmed in the summer of 1978 then released in September the following year. As well as Stalybridge, the New Year’s Day dance was filmed in Hyde Town Hall; most of the village scenes were set in Dobcross near The Swan public house. The railway station was Keighley, from the Keighley and Worth Valley end of the line.

Next month’s feature at the Town Cinema will be The Blues Brothers. Starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as Jake and Elwood, the twosome reform a blues band with charitable endeavours in mind. The Town Cinema’s presentation will take place on Tuesday, 19 April, at 7.30pm as usual. This will be followed by Chicago on the 17 May. Starring Rene Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones, it is a musical film set in the Illinoisan city in the 1920s.

June’s feature, likely to fall on the 21st day of that month, is subject to a public vote on the Stalybridge Town Community Cinema Facebook page. You can either vote for The Commitments, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hairspray (the 1988 original starting Divine and Sonny Bono), or any other film of your choice. Up to now, The Commitments is leading the poll.

If you haven’t been to the Stalybridge Town Cinema at Judge’s Bar, Corporation Street, you are missing a good night. As well as top-line cinematic entertainment, the venue has a cordial atmosphere with affordably priced drinks and popcorn. The train is only 20 minutes away from Manchester Victoria, Manchester Piccadilly and Huddersfield stations.

If you’re going to next month’s showing, tell your friends! Spread the word around on social media sites like Twitter, using #StalybridgeTownCinema as a suitable hashtag. Mention it on Facebook, check in with Foursquare or Swarm. Since its formation last July, it has become an important part of the community. Long may that continue.

S.V., 23 March 2016.


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