Stalybridge Micro Pub’s Mega Impact

Bridge Beers’ opening weekend exceeds expectations

Bridge Beers interior shot, ground floor (2)
A view of the ground floor interior from the bar.

Bridge Beers, Stalybridge’s new addition to the town centre’s retail mix, opened its doors on Friday [26 February] to a packed house. The new micro pub on Melbourne Street as crowds flocked to the new establishment.

On its opening day, guests included Stalybridge councillor Jan Jackson and the Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds. Owing to the amount of demand, Bridge Beers ran out of beer on its first night. As a consequence, more beers needed to be ordered for Saturday.

Though Friday’s opening was deemed as nothing short of unbelievable, Saturday was pretty busy. The atmosphere was welcoming and lively with a fairly mixed crowd. The ground floor is used for the sale of gravity-fed cask-conditioned ales and bottled beers from local breweries. The centrepiece of Bridge’s new enterprise is the first floor lounge (seen below).

Bridge Beers interior shot, first floor
The bijou upstairs lounge.

Having a pint in the first floor lounge is akin to sitting in your Nana’s front room, though full of strangers. Its cosiness is a real antidote to cavernous vertical drinking dens with pictures and dining tables in its bijou surroundings. With space for sixteen people it retains an intimate atmosphere. Plus you can play board games (stored in a display cabinet).

If you prefer to sit downstairs, there isn’t only limited seating. You can even put an LP on and choose from a selection of classic albums on vinyl (yours truly was impressed to see the Electric Light Orchestra’s Out of the Blue and A New World Record alongside Ronco’s Raiders of the Pop Charts).

The ales were kept in good condition with the best one of my visit being Marble Brewery’s Pint. Frank Wood’s Mouselow Brewery’ Mouse-low Mild was pretty good too with its defined smokiness, as was the Top Hop Bitter by Hornbeam Brewery.

Will I be calling in again? Of course I will! After seeing The Mighty ‘Bridge’s surrendering of a 5-2 lead, it marked a good end to the Saturday. If you’re seeing Yanks on the 23 March (at the Stalybridge Town Cinema), it is a very good pre-film venue.

For further information, you can subscribe to Bridge Beers’ Facebook feed, or follow them on Twitter. Bridge Beers is situated on 55 Melbourne Street, Stalybridge, which is close to Armentieres Square.

S.V., 28 February 2015.


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