Tates Travel Ceases Trading

Barnsley based independent bus company ceases operations after liquidation

Tates Travel, formed in 2003, ceased operation of all stage carriage services this Monday at 4pm. The family run bus and coach operator based in Barugh Green had a fleet of 39 buses, which had been cut to 22 this year. Throughout West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire, they operated a number of commercial and tendered services. On summer weekends, this included the 951 service from Glossop to Huddersfield via Holme Moss and Holmfirth.

The company has been under fire by Travel South Yorkshire and its passengers for poor timekeeping and maintenance procedures. A Public Inquiry was held last October by the Traffic Commissioners in Leeds.  This week, it was one of 92 companies named and shamed in the Daily Mirror for failing to pay the National Minimum Wage to one employee.

Tates Travel’s demise sees a significant loss in the number of tendered services. With Derbyshire County Council considering the total withdrawal of its tendered bus services, the 951 summer service could be in doubt this year. So far, only the 23, 23A, 24 and 92 services will be seeing a change of operator tomorrow morning.

The 23 and 23A services provide an important link between Barnsley, Stocksbridge, Deepcar and Penistone. It is the only bus service to call at most of the places hitherto served by the Woodhead line till 1970. The 24 offers an important link with Denby Dale and Barnsley, providing an alternative option to the Sheffield – Huddersfield trains along the Penistone line.

Of great importance – and among the most scenic routes – is the 92 service to Holmfirth from Barnsley (via Cubley and Penistone). This provides an important lifeline for the villages, and offers a suitable route for walkers.

Though we know the future of the 23, 23A, 24 and 92 services are assured for the foreseeable future, the fate of its former tendered services is parlous for the communities they served. We hope the employees of Tates Travel find suitable employment as soon as possible. There’s never a good time to lose your job; February is probably the worst being shortly after Christmas.

S.V., 08 February 2016.


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  1. Things aren’t quite what they seem with the whole Tates closure saga, they bought Globe Coaches however Globe are still trading and distancing themselves from Tates, someone has posted on the Travel West Yorkshire forum that it’s not the end of Tates and to ignor all the closure talk, I’m not saying that Tates are one of those companies who go bust and set up as somebody else, or that Tates are a corrupt company, but there are some weird vibrations out there which hopefully is just all a load of nothing.


  2. Well it’s all a bit strange, why close a company then allow the sister company to take on what will no doubt be an unprofitable former Tates route? SYPTE first reported the 96/7 as to be operated by Stagecoach then a few hours later they said Globe were running it, the timetable makes it look like a subsidised service as it’s the same significantly reduced timetable Stagecoach were to take on and there is no way anyone could run such a poor timetable commercially. By the way, It’s been publically stated by somebody that Tates they did buy the company, It’s been reported that Tates management put a notice up in the depot saying ‘Tates Travel Ltd are pleased to confirm the purchase of Globe holidays Ltd and Rosa Holdings Ltd’ according to a source who has publically stated this on the Travel West Yorkshire web site, Jan 17th, Page 1, Tates thread. I think Wiki are saying the same as well. On a separate note not connected in any way to this topic, don’t you just hate these nameless brass plate companies that come about every so often and F**k industry up because they want to screw every penny out of the Great British system?


  3. Of further interest is that Graham Mallinson, previously of Tates management team, has applied to VOSA to start up Stanley Garth Travel from what looks like the same place Tates ran from!


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