The 44 Which Clocked Up 1,341 Years

Stagecoach Manchester employees honoured for long service

44 members of staff have been thanked for notching up a staggering 1,341 years of service in the bus industry, at Stagecoach Manchester’s annual Long Service Awards.

The awards recognise employees who have worked with Stagecoach Manchester and its predecessors for 20 years or more. Particular commendation went to driver Joseph Bethwaite, who has worked for 50 years. Fellow colleague Norman Robinson joined a year later. Rodney Garner and David Jones joined 45 years ago, when most of Greater Manchester’s buses were operated by SELNEC PTE.

Stagecoach Manchester staff were presented with their awards by Vice Chair of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee Councillor Mark Aldred, at The Lowry Hotel, Salford.

Christopher Bowles, managing director of Stagecoach Manchester, commented: “We are so proud of all of our long serving employees and their continued commitment to Stagecoach Manchester. They make up part of a loyal and dedicated team, which delivers excellent service for local people and has helped us to establish a reputation as one of the country’s leading bus operators.

“All recipients of a Long Service Award have at least 20 years of service with some celebrating 50 years of commitment to the company.

“The Long Service Awards have given Stagecoach Manchester the opportunity to show our genuine appreciation to the people who make the company what it is.”

The following recipients of Stagecoach Manchester’s Long Service Awards for 2015 are:

  • Paul Moore;
  • Gordon Dixon;
  • Rodney Garner;
  • Gregory Blease;
  • Brendan Lyons;
  • Stuart Roughley;
  • Alan Cheetham;
  • David Walker;
  • David Hayes;
  • Stuart Barwell;
  • Robert Jones;
  • Basil Nelson;
  • Colin Poole;
  • Helen Purdue;
  • Joseph Bethwaite;
  • Garry Rowlands;
  • Michael Milburn;
  • Julian Timothy;
  • Iain Munton;
  • Philip Lowman;
  • Joseph Sharp;
  • Paula Schofield;
  • Stewart Shaw;
  • Francis Catterall;
  • William Brook;
  • Stephen Bowe;
  • John Kevill;
  • David Jones;
  • Ziggy Rys-Halski;
  • Everoll Grandison;
  • Alan Cunningham;
  • Paul Veritiero;
  • Phil Beswick;
  • Sheila Wood;
  • Owen Conlon;
  • Fred Howarth;
  • Mark Boardman;
  • Ian Royle;
  • Stephen Booth;
  • Mike Brinicombe;
  • David Thompson;
  • James O’Neill;
  • Ramesh Mistry;
  • Norman Robinson.

S.V., 05 January 2016.


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