Ex-Blue Bus employee public face of major operator

Ben Jarvis
A New Journey: Ben Jarvis, new Commercial Director for Stagecoach in Manchester and Wigan seen at the bus bay in Belle Vue, Manchester. Photograph courtesy of Tangerine PR Limited, 2015.

Being the public face of one of Britain’s leading bus operators can be a thankless task. Sometimes they are taken to task if the 192’s late for the thirtieth time. Or they could help with more light-hearted activities like charitable efforts or the arrival of new buses. Taking on this role is Ben Jarvis, Stagecoach Manchester’s new commercial director.

Ben, whose work will cover the Company’s operations across Greater Manchester, has more than 16 years of experience in the bus industry. He started out as a part-time employee for his family’s business, Blue Bus in Horwich.

During his time at Blue Bus, the company was at its peak, operating commercial and tendered services in Bolton and Wigan. An integral part of Ben’s role will be maintaining the efficiency of services through the current period of unprecedented traffic disruption in Manchester.

He will also be responsible for maximising the benefits of the evolving ticketing landscape and emerging digital technologies. Particularly the application of Transport for Greater Manchester’s GetMeThere Oyster style pass on Stagecoach Manchester’s 700+ fleet.

Ben’s work in the industry has taken him across the country, from Metrobus Orpington to Arriva in Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

Ben said: “I’m looking forward to bringing all my experience and enthusiasm to the Stagecoach Manchester team. A key part of my role will be combining emerging technologies with Stagecoach Manchester’s commitment to customer service. That will help us to continue delivering a great value, customer focused and high quality bus service to people in Greater Manchester.”

Commenting on the appointment, managing director of Stagecoach Manchester, Christopher Bowles, said: “Ben’s extensive knowledge of the industry, along with his dedication to improving the customer experience, will ensure we continue to deliver the quality service we are known for. We are really happy to welcome him on board.”

We wish Mr. Jarvis the best of luck, considering how congestion has made for a tumultuous year for Stagecoach in Manchester. 2016 is set to be another challenging year.

S.V., 23 December 2015.

2 thoughts on “From Horwich to Hyde Road: Stagecoach Manchester’s New Commercial Director

  1. You will need plenty of luck, Ben is useless. He run blue bus to the ground, that’s why they needed to be brought out by Arriva.
    He run Arriva Manchester depot to the ground, so that depot ended up closing down. He was blissfully unaware of the challenges faced by Arriva Wythenshawe and didn’t plan or mitigate for th new tram service competing with Arriva bus services.
    He also didn’t understand the English vocabulary. Therefore, I believe Mr Jarvis has been rewarded a job for his dysfunctional managerial skills, simple.


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