From Horwich to Hyde Road: Stagecoach Manchester’s New Commercial Director

Ex-Blue Bus employee public face of major operator

Ben Jarvis
A New Journey: Ben Jarvis, new Commercial Director for Stagecoach in Manchester and Wigan seen at the bus bay in Belle Vue, Manchester. Photograph courtesy of Tangerine PR Limited, 2015.

Being the public face of one of Britain’s leading bus operators can be a thankless task. Sometimes they are taken to task if the 192’s late for the thirtieth time. Or they could help with more light-hearted activities like charitable efforts or the arrival of new buses. Taking on this role is Ben Jarvis, Stagecoach Manchester’s new commercial director.

Ben, whose work will cover the Company’s operations across Greater Manchester, has more than 16 years of experience in the bus industry. He started out as a part-time employee for his family’s business, Blue Bus in Horwich. Continue reading “From Horwich to Hyde Road: Stagecoach Manchester’s New Commercial Director”

The Lost Precinct Advent Calendar – #23: Queensway

Everyone’s a winner (though ultimately some won more than others)

So, we go to our penultimate door within The Lost Precinct Advent Calendar. We hope you have enjoyed the journey so far and that it has got you talking to your younger relatives about forgotten foodmarkets or defunct discounters.

The Ad of Christmas Past

Each Christmas Day and Boxing Day, there seemed to have been an arms race between furniture and carpet discounters on ITV. Along with Queensway, there would be MFI’s ad; one for Allied Carpets; sometimes Wades would chip in. Depending on where you lived, ELS or any of the smaller regional chains. It was either them or the holiday adverts.

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