East of the M60’s 2015 Advent Calendar is…

Based on one of our most popular posts

Once upon a time – three years ago to be precise, a series of posts on defunct retail chains became an immediate hit on East of the M60. The first one, entitled The Lost Precinct: An A-Z of Defunct Retailers led to two very successful spin-offs focusing on the lost shops in a Tameside context.

From tomorrow, this year’s Advent Calendar builds upon the success of these posts. Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you…

“The Lost Precinct Advent Calendar”

This year’s Advent Calendar not only looks at some of the retailers covered in the May 2012 A to Z entry, but also a few more we didn’t get to cover. Each entry includes a YouTube clip of one of their advertisements, then a piece about the ad itself, and a description of the lost shop or store chain itself. Each entry is more detailed than the entries for the previous post.

We hope the adverts bring back a few memories or at least raise a smile or titter. Some of the lost retailers may have been major brands in a given region instead of nationwide.

The first door will be opened tomorrow at midnight.

S.V., 30 November 2015. (St. Andrew’s Day).


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