X70 relaunched with extra Preston to Manchester journeys

Another chapter in the turbulent history of the X70 Red Rocket Express will be written on the 21 November. Catch22Bus, successors to Classic Bus North West, will relaunch the service with extra journeys from Preston to Manchester.

Since its initial voyage, it has had a few false starts. Firstly, Classic Bus North West entered administration with some of the services reregistered under Oakwood Travel Services. Under the new name of Catch22Bus Ltd, its new timetable will see an improved daytime service.

The new service will offer eight hourly journeys from Manchester to Preston on Mondays to Saturdays. Three return journeys will serve to Blackpool with services using the Bank Hey Street stop near The Tower. Its Manchester terminus has changed from outside Chorlton Street Bus Station to WE stand on Albert Square. (The new position being most convenient for the Christmas market).

On Sundays, there will be four return journeys from Manchester to Preston. Two of them will serve Blackpool.

A return fare from Manchester to Blackpool costs £12.00, with return available within seven days. As with its predecessors, no concessionary rates for disabled passengers. A weekly season ticket and a group ticket are also available from the driver. In the near future, online booking facilities will be available on Red Rocket Express website.

If you fancy taking a trip aboard the Red Rocket Express, we have created a timetable for you to download here. There is also details of fares information.

S.V., 16 November 2015.

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