Stalybridge Town Cinema’s November Film: Shirley Another Good Turnout?

A look at Shirley Valentine, the fledgling cinema’s next feature

This time of the year is good cinemagoing weather. With outdoor pursuits out of the question over this week’s windy and soggy weather, it is a good time for sitting in front of the haunted fish tank. Better still, a good time for doing the same communally, in front of the cordial atmosphere of Stalybridge Town Cinema.

For its November feature is the film Shirley Valentine. Based on the Willy Russell play, we see the titular character played by Pauline Collins embark on a unforgettable holiday.

Throughout the film, we see Shirley, a 42 year old housewife, seemingly consigned to tugging her husband’s forelocks for eternity. Then, a friend of hers (Jane, played by Alison Steadman) wins a holiday. Shirley jumps at the chance of a Greek getaway, one which becomes life-enhancing when she meets Costas Dimitriades (played by Tom Conti).

Jane believes there’s some real chemistry between Shirley and Costas, much to the ire of Shirley’s common law husband Joe (Bernard Hill). Having tired of domesticity in Merseyside, the holiday romance sees Shirley enjoying her new life in sunnier clines.

This Christmas at the Stalybridge Town Cinema

Though there wont be a December showing at the Stalybridge Town Cinema, that month’s presentation has been brought forward to the 28 November 2015. The same Saturday sees the switch-on of Stalybridge’s Christmas lights. Prior to which, at 2pm, will be Stalybridge Town Cinema’s showing of Frozen.

The hugely popular Walt Disney film sees a kingdom perpetually frozen. On an epic journey, they try to stop their part of the world from facing a permanent winter. In the film, Anna along with mountaineer Kristoff, and a reindeer, tries to find their sister Elsa.

Within days of its announcement, tickets for Frozen have been sold out.

Useful Information

For Tuesday’s showing, tickets are priced at £4.00 for all classes. Doors open at 7pm for 7.30pm start.

Stalybridge Town Cinema:
8 Corporation Street, Stalybridge, Cheshire, SK15 2BN.

  • Buses: most services stop at Armentieres Square nearby. 408 service (peak hours, all day Sundays and Bank Holidays and evenings only) terminates at bus station (5 – 7 minutes walk along Market Street, Melbourne Street and Corporation Street). No journeys on the 236, 387, 353 and 354 services after 1900 hours;
  • Trains: Stalybridge railway station is 10 – 12 minutes walk (Market Street, Melbourne Street and Corporation Street);
  • Taxis: Swift Radio Cars is the nearest taxi office to Judge’s Bar.

S.V., 15 November 2015.


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