Courtesy of East of the M60, your very Metro style map of South Pennine’s new routes

South Pennine Community Transport, GK52 OLA, Renault Master/Rohill Harrier, High Street, Uppermill
Retained: the Saturday only 352 service from Uppermill to Holmfirth.

With only a week to go, we at East of the M60 are looking forward to the arrival of South Pennine Community Transport’s services to Ashton, Glossop and Meltham. The new services, X50, 351 and 322 respectively will complement the incumbent 352 service from Uppermill to Holmfirth.

To commemorate this, we have created a Metro style route map detailing all the routes. For the benefit of anyone downloading the map, each coloured line represents the day of operation. Therefore, black denotes the X50 service to Ashton (Thursdays); blue for the 351 service to Glossop (Fridays); and red for the 322 and 352 services (both Saturdays).

As a companion to your Metro style route map, is a complete timetable of all South Pennine Community Transport routes. Again, the same colour coding seen on the map is used within the timetable.

Both files can be downloaded here in Adobe PDF format, which is compatible with smartphones and tablets as well as personal computers.

Route Map

South Pennine Community Transport Metro style map.
Click on the image to download your map (Adobe PDF, as separate file).


Download the South Pennine Community Transport timetable. (This loads as a separate Adobe PDF file).

Please note that all routes and/or times may be subject to change in future months. For further information, log on or telephone them on 07593 852259.

S.V., 29 October 2015.

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