Last Night at the Stalybridge Town Cinema: Little Voice

The fledgling cinema’s fourth screening

So, how’s it doing…alright…? After paraphrasing Mr. Boo, the Stalybridge Town Cinema’s fourth presentation was met with a good turnout. Though not a full house like the previous screenings, the film was was well received by its audience.

Attracting the greatest laughs was the tension between Ray Say and Mari Hoff. The latter character, L.V.’s mother provided some of the film’s sharpest one-liners. There was great delight with L.V’s mimicry, and sympathy in equal measure with her reluctance to go on stage. With the bigger screen and improved sound, one could almost smell the smoke from Mr Boo’s club.

Besides the main story, is the subplot of L.V.’s friendship with Billy (a quiet BT Engineer played by Ewan McGregor with a fondness for pigeons). We also see the friendship of Mari and Sadie (Annette Badland) who are seen almost everywhere together. One almost as inseparable as L.V’s records (which are a tangible legacy of her late father).

Next month’s presentation, Shirley Valentine, will take place on the 17 November 2015, again at 7.30 pm.In the film, a life changing holiday with a best friend sees Shirley’s outlook on life changed completely. Played by Pauline Collins, fate (by means of her friend winning the two tickets), sees her escape the domestic torpor of being with her husband (played by Tom Conti).

Again, seats are available for £4.00 a ticket. The newly introduced booth seats and table seats, £25.00 (up to eight people) and £15.00 (up to five people) respectively. All tickets available from participating local shops or on the night. This clashes with Stalybridge Celtic’s home match versus Corby Town.

Tickets and merchandise can also be purchased online, via the Stalybridge Town Cinema merchandise. Tickets can either be sent to your address (£1.50 postage and packaging) or collected on the night.

Christmas Countdown

Prior to the Christmas lights switch-on at 5 pm on the 28 November 2015, Stalybridge Town Cinema’s first matinee showing is set to be a runaway success. Its 2 pm presentation of the Walt Disney film Frozen has already sold out.

Since our last update on the Stalybridge Town Cinema, the forthcoming presentation of Mamma Mia! will instead be shown at its usual venue. The prohibitive cost of hiring Stalybridge Civic Hall was cited as the main reason against the bigger venue.

Though a definite date and time has yet to be confirmed, it is set to be the first presentation of Stalybridge Town Cinema’s 2016 programme.

For next year’s programme, the Town Cinema welcomes any suggestions for future showings. Feel free to contact them online, or call in to The Music Corner and ask for Chris Caton-Greasley.

Shirley Valentine (cert. 15), on Tuesday 17 November is the next film at Stalybridge Town Cinema. Doors are open from 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

S.V., 21 October 2015 (Trafalgar Day).


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