South Pennine’s Way to Tameside and Glossop

Coming soon! New routes to Ashton-under-Lyne and Glossop

South Pennine Community Transport, GK52 OLA, Renault Master/Rohill Harrier, High Street, Uppermill
Seen on a sunny Saturday in Uppermill, South Pennine Community Transport’s then newly formed 352 service.

South Pennine Community Transport, one of a new wave of Community Interest Companies engaged in bus operations, is set to repeat the success of their 352 service with two new routes.

One route, Fridays only, is set to run between Glossop and Holmfirth, via Torside Reservoir. This will follow the same route as Tates Travel’s summer weekend 901 service. Two return journeys will allow a 1 hour 20 minute stay in Holmfirth, or over 2 hours 30 minutes in Glossop. This will be numbered 351.

The second service – full details yet to be confirmed – will link Holmfirth with Ashton-under-Lyne on Thursdays. In line with incumbent Saddleworth buses, we at East of the M60 think 349 or 355 would be an appropriate number.

South Pennine Community Transport’s Ashton move will be the first scheduled bus service from Ashton-under-Lyne towards the Colne Valley in 21 years. The last being Yorkshire Rider’s unsuccessful 904 service to Huddersfield via Meltham.

Retained by popular demand

The summertime 352 service will become a regular fixture, operating beyond summertime Saturdays. Its three return journeys will operate all year round. This, a first since bus operations began in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Previous services (such as extensions of the 180 route and GMT’s 430 Pennine Edge route) were summer only.

South Pennine Community Transport’s initiative is to be applauded. Not only for offering passengers an all year round to Holmfirth from Glossop and Uppermill, but also their future Ashton route. We hope the future Ashton service provides more footfall to the centre.

Though the Northern Powerhouse hyperbole is centred around trains, we think improving the bus network is just as important. In fact, bus routes should be seen as much more important. How else does one make a smooth connection to the railway station without a frequent tram or bus service? Isn’t that as important as cycle lockers, ample car parking, taxi lay-bys and safe pedestrian access?

We wish the fellows at South Pennine Community Transport the very best, in what’s already been a good year for their operations. Their website is also worth a visit on

S.V., 05 October 2015.


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  1. A new link from Meltham and Netherthong onto the 352 will also start on Nov 5th numbered 322. Unsure of the exact route of the X50 but South Pennine Community Transport are on Facebook so may post it on there.


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