In Praise of Stalybridge’s Handmade Market

Why East of the M60 says the town’s Handmade Market is something to treasure

View of Handmade Market (black and white)
Popular: MWL Events’ Stalybridge Handmade Market.

Since 2013, Stalybridge’s Handmade Market has become a popular fixture adding footfall to the Cheshire town. Each event, always well attended as demonstrated by the pictures seen below. Continue reading “In Praise of Stalybridge’s Handmade Market”

Rita, Sue, Bob, and a Success Too for the Town Cinema?

A look at Stalybridge Town Cinema’s third screening

Since the first and second screenings in July and August (Brassed Off and The Full Monty respectively), word of mouth and sustained publicity on social media has kept Greater Manchester’s second newest cinema in the public eye. Tomorrow [22 September 2015] night’s film will be Rita, Sue and Bob Too.
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