Retail Comings and Goings in Tameside, September 2015: The Ashton Review of Shops

This month’s window on the shop windows

  • Popular art shop awaits buyer;
  • Peak Depubification for 2015.

The last month hasn’t been a good one for the borough’s pubgoers. So far this year, perhaps the highest number of pub closures announced in a given month. On the shopping front, somewhat static given the summer holidays

Buyer wanted for art shop

The Witzend Gallery, an art shop and picture framing business on Trinity Street, Stalybridge is awaiting a buyer. The business has outgrown the small premises opposite the Civic Hall. This has been advertised on the company’s Facebook page since the middle of August.

Witzend Gallery has been in Stalybridge for seven years, and Louise’s decision was met with mixed emotions. The shop has earned a great reputation among the borough’s artistic community.

New stalls taking shape

Some of the new stalls have emerged on the open market ground in Ashton-under-Lyne. From what we have seen up to now they look well. To minimise disruption, work is being phased in pragmatically.

TAC demolition work under way

The last few days have seen preparatory works undertaken for TAC’s demolition. Bus stops on Wellington Road have already been moved with shelters demolished. As a result, the stand for the 236 and 348 services are closer to The Ash Tree.

Retail Movements

  • Pep and Co. have settled in to their new unit in the Arcades Shopping Centre.
  • Peacocks is set to move in to the Clarendon Mall, Hyde.

Pub and club update

It hasn’t been a happy month for the borough’s public houses with depubification on the ascendency.

In Newton, plans have been unveiled for The Bay Horse‘s demolition. In its place, if approved will be three shop units and housing. Over in Ashton, The Cottage Tavern is in the midst of conversion work to apartments. The Friendship on Manchester Road, Mossley, is being converted to a private dwelling.

Over the last month, the Ring O’Bells on Margaret Street seems to have pulled its last pint. Work is under way on the long closed Williams public house off Stockport Road.

A For Sale sign is seen on The Royal Oak, Manchester Road, Droylsden. Another depubbing to follow? The same could be true of The Waterloo Tavern which is up for auction. Quoted at £160,000, it is quoted as being “suitable for a variety of alternative uses” by Westlake and Co. auctioneers.

As an antidote to this month’s bad news, The Snipe Inn on Manchester Road, Audenshaw has been refurbished. However, the biggest pub based story concerns The Ash Tree on Wellington Road, Ashton-under-Lyne.

This month sees the extension of its beer garden and a smoker friendly outdoor bar. Other improvements will include a longer kitchen and a longer bar area.

The biggest improvement of all concerns the forthcoming hotel. From what is presently the bar level will be a set of stairs leading to its rooms. It’ll be a worthwhile addition to The Ash Tree, celebrating its 20th birthday this year.

*                     *                    *

Next Month:

Our window on the shop windows may focus on the demolition of TAC, Ashton open market, and Ashton ‘Spoons’ development. Expect to see a sneak peak about the run-up to Christmas.

S.V., 05 September 2015.


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