Exclusive pictures of yesterday’s sinkhole near the Mancunian Way

Photography by Adham Fisher

Paddock Street, just off the Mancunian Way in Ardwick, in the Ardwick Green area of the suburb. (Photograph by Adham Fisher, 2015).

So, what on Earth is behind Greater Manchester’s three sinkholes? Could Satan be wanting a slice of the Northern Powerhouse pizza? If so I suggest he or she coughs up the £329 Anytime Return fare from London Euston. Or make his or her way by other means.

As with the Mancunian Way’s hole excessive rainfall is culpable though yesterday’s incident isn’t linked. At 10′ x 5′, it is a quarter of the size of the Mancunian Way’s effort.

As a result, there is a contraflow system in operation via Downing Street, London Road, Fairfield Street and Raven Street.

Courtesy of Adham Fisher, we have six pictures of the sinkhole.

• A third sinkhole was spotted on Newearth Road near Walkden, close to a junction of the A580 East Lancashire Road.







Words: Stuart Vallantine
Pictures: Adham Fisher

EotM60, Thursday 03 September 2015.

Adham Fisher is noted for his record breaking journeys along urban metro systems. As detailed in our previous article, he aims to better his previous record on the Metrolink system tomorrow.

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