Guinness World Record Holder Set to Tour Expanded Metrolink Network

Airport line and Ashton extension adds dimension to Metro Racer’s challenge

Adham Fisher
Record Breaker: Adham Fisher seen with Guinness World Records certificate for completing the whole New York Metro system in less than a day. Photograph by James Hissett.

Adham Fisher likes to ride public transport to extremes. In fact, he has held a Guinness World Record for doing just that. As seen above, he went to every New York Subway station in 22 hours, 26 minutes and two seconds. Very few urban rail networks are granted Guinness Records, but even if they aren’t, Fisher likes to apply the rules and navigate them as quickly as possible anyway.

On the 04 September 2015 [this Friday], it is the turn of Greater Manchester’s Metrolink. Since his previous challenge, the network has seen the East Manchester Line extended to Ashton-under-Lyne. The Airport Line via Wythenshawe has opened ahead of schedule.

This week, Mr. Fisher aims to do the expanded network in less than six hours, 27 minutes and one second. Till Friday, this could be the fastest time for completing the Metrolink system, from Rochdale Interchange to Manchester Airport.

Calling at every tram station wouldn’t be the only record which Adham Fisher hopes to break. He is in the Manchester area for Stockfest, taking place at Stockport station on Saturday 5 September between midday and 7pm.

He hopes his “questionable record attempt” will highlight the festival as well. He will DJ for seven hours at it with his Train Sets project, and will be a witness for a more legitimate record – the longest distance conga – taking place on the same day between Piccadilly and Stockport.

Stockfest is raising money for the Change The Lives charity. We at East of the M60 wish him the very best of luck on both attempts at record breaking.

S.V., 02 September 2015.


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