Guinness World Record Holder Set to Tour Expanded Metrolink Network

Airport line and Ashton extension adds dimension to Metro Racer’s challenge

Adham Fisher
Record Breaker: Adham Fisher seen with Guinness World Records certificate for completing the whole New York Metro system in less than a day. Photograph by James Hissett.

Adham Fisher likes to ride public transport to extremes. In fact, he has held a Guinness World Record for doing just that. As seen above, he went to every New York Subway station in 22 hours, 26 minutes and two seconds. Very few urban rail networks are granted Guinness Records, but even if they aren’t, Fisher likes to apply the rules and navigate them as quickly as possible anyway. Continue reading “Guinness World Record Holder Set to Tour Expanded Metrolink Network”

Jekyll’s Cotton Bale: Hyde Pubs Past and Present

A wander around the streets of Hyde, at public houses past and present

On this blog and many others of a beer related nature, we see many a tale of pubs closing and being asset stripped by Pubcos/Hospitality Based Estate Agents. Ashton-under-Lyne is one place that features in the same paragraphs.

It is worth noting that Hyde has taken a similar hit. Its casualties being some good pubs like The Unity and The George. In spite of this, the town centre has three ‘must-see’ pubs for any real ale enthusiast. Four if you count The Cotton Bale. From Kingston Bridge to Godley Arches, our round-up has a bias towards the town centre. There is some random diversions to others past and present, which are a short bus ride or walk away.

To supplement our previous round-ups of Ashton and Stalybridge pubs, one on Hyde is long overdue. In spite of the title, we may throw in a few clubs.

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