Another Success for Stalybridge Town Cinema

Second showing sees Bridgeites’ appetite for film unflailing

Stalybridge Town Cinema, the newly opened community cinema in Judge’s Bar played host to another fantastic night on Tuesday 25 August. Its showing of The Full Monty was another success with most seats filled.

The 1997 film starring Robert Carlyle was well received with yesterday’s presentation enhanced by new equipment. Since its previous presentation of Brassed Off, the projector and sound system was upgraded.

Getting the biggest belly laughs was the Jobcentre scene with Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff in the background. This was closely followed by the auditioning scenes and our six strippers – half naked – scaring off bailiffs.

Local support for the Stalybridge Town Cinema remains strong with some people (locked out from the previous showings) yet to get their first taste of the new venue. News of which has spread through word of mouth as well as social media websites and local newspapers. Oh, and blogs like this one.

What has warmed Stalybridge’s cinemagoers to the Town Cinema is the friendly atmosphere, realistic prices and community ethos. In Greater Manchester, it is probably the only cinema where a fiver can get you two teas or coffees, two cones of popcorn, and two tubs of ice cream. At a certain multiplex operator’s undertakings, you’ll be lucky to get change from a £20 note for the aforementioned drinks and snacks.

Spin-offs and other seating options

To ensure the continuance of presentations at Judge’s Bar, the Stalybridge Town Cinema now offers spin-off merchandise. £10.00 buys you a T-Shirt with polo shirts going for £12.50. For the coming longer nights and cooler weather, £25.00 gets you a thick fleece. All three clothing items are navy blue with ‘Neighbourhood Cinema’ embroidered in gold. Prices are the same for all sizes.

Groups can also enjoy their films in style with booths and tables offered at £25.00 and £15.00 respectively. A booth can seat up to eight people with a table seat allowing for up to five film buffs.

Rita, Sue, Bob (and another success too?)

The 22 September’s presentation of Rita, Sue and Bob Too is set to repeat the success of previous showing. Tickets have already been sold, also after the close of yesterday’s showing. As with previous showings, they will sell for £4.00 from The Music Corner and other participating local shops, or on the night (22 September).

Still to come at the Stalybridge Town Cinema is Little Voice and Shirley Valentine. At present there is no plans for a December showing, though the full programme shall resume in January 2016. Details of which will be on East of the M60 nearer the time.

S.V., 26 August 2015.


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