Retail Comings and Goings in Tameside, August 2015: The Ashton Review of Shops

This month’s window on the shop windows

Quite a surprisingly busy last month. As well as the usual moves, we have seen a retail park change hands. Plus, one of our shopping centres is yet to find a new owner.

For a cool £24.25 million: your very own shopping centre

For half the price of Raheem Sterling, you can have your very own shopping centre. Its location is well appointed for bus, train and tram services and ideally placed for the nearby open and indoor market.

The Arcades Shopping Centre on Warrington Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, is the centre up for sale. Undergoing a £4.5million refurbishment, the shopping centre’s sale is being undertaken by Savills, appointed by the receiver Daniel Smith (on behalf of Grant Thornton). Its strong tenant mix has been hailed as an asset for the centre.

There has also been some changes to the retail mix of the Arcades Shopping Centre. This will be described later on in this entry.

Snipe Retail Park sale confirmed

Whilst the Arcades Shopping Centre is on the market, the Snipe Retail Park has changed hands. For £61.8million, it has been bought by Orchard Street Investment Management. The retail park has seen some minor changes with Carphone Warehouse’s unit having moved to the Currys/PC World store.

Crown Point North extension and relief road plans

Remaining on the subject of retail parks, some closure on the Continuing Saga of Crown Point North is likely. The site, covering a former Co-op department store, the neighbouring Silver Springs public house, and the site of Oldham’s Batteries’ works, will see redevelopment. After being derelict for over five years, original plans to redevelop this as a sister retail park to Crown Point North had fallen through.

Since 2008, part of the site had been occupied by Travellers and had been fenced off from Ashton Road to Edward Street. Now, plans have been approved for a mix of retail and residential development. In other words a scaled down version of the original plans.

Also key to this is a relief road, running parallel with the M67 motorway. From Ashton Road, this will lead to Edward Street.

Retail Movements

  • Pep and Co. will begin trading this week in the Arcades Shopping Centre. Occupying the former That’s Entertainment unit, it will offer discount clothing for mothers and children. This, filling a gap left by the closure of Adams’ stores throughout the UK.
  • That’s Entertainment have moved to the former Shoe Tree unit on the first floor of the Arcades Shopping Centre.
  • The Cooperative Bank, following the Son of TAC’s arrival, have moved to the former Carphone Warehouse unit on the Warrington Street end of the Arcades Shopping Centre.
  • The Sue Ryder Care charity shop has made its Ashton debut on Old Street. It occupies the former Jack Fulton unit. If it’s anything like the Hyde branch in Clarendon Mall, expect to see some rather ornate dolls houses!

Pub and club update


A bit thin on the ground this week. Firstly, The Wheatsheaf on Birch Lane, Dukinfield has changed hands with Stuart Timpson and many of his staff from The Stone Jug at the helm. Mr. Timpson aims to uphold the live music policy which The Wheatsheaf is famous for.

Remaining in Dukinfield, The Angel has changed hands. After being in the care of the same people as The Astley Arms on Astley Street (the Bottom Astley), the King Street public house has been sold to the Derby Pub Company.

The company has a small portfolio of public houses, most of which ranging from premises with a significant wet trade to gastropubs. Though The Angel’s not on yet, their website is worth a peek (and it works well on mobile devices).

*                     *                    *

Next Month:

In our next instalment, expect to see some references to TAC’s demolition and further developments on the new look Ashton open market. Plus we’ve yet to try the burgers at The Lodge and the recently opened Five Guys (Which is better? There’s only one way to find out… but I’m a pacifist).

S.V., 01 August 2015.


4 thoughts on “Retail Comings and Goings in Tameside, August 2015: The Ashton Review of Shops

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  1. Great round-up – thanks Stuart. Has the Co-Op Bank permanently moved out of the old Water Board offices? I really loved cashing in my cheques in there!


    1. Hi Patrick,

      Glad to see you’ve enjoyed this round-up. Having started out as a ‘pilot project’ in the run-up to Christmas The Ashton Review of Shops has established itself on East of the M60 in the same way The Not So Perfect Ten has.

      Bye for now,



  2. i asked this when i was in the day they said yes they are there now permanently. the new shop seems lights and airy quite a strange feeling , doesnt feel like your in a bank


    1. Hi James,

      As well as being airy, I suppose it is cheaper to run. It is also in a very good position for the revamped open market. Their Oldham branch in Spindles is pretty airy, not least its position by the entrances and Rhode Island Coffee.

      Bye for now,



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