The fifth part of our Down Our Streets serialised photo special

After the successful Hattersley jaunt, I assumed that Haughton Green would have reaped similar rewards. How wrong I was.

In spite of the golden Cocker Spaniel in the works, the quest for the magic 101 bus plaques was within reach.

Now for our fifth scintillating instalment. Sit back, relax and put the kettle on.

81: Armadale Road South, Dukinfield (southbound)

81 Armadale Road, DukinfieldThis image wouldn’t win any prizes at photographic shows, but a bit of tinkering with the aperture priority and shutter speeds enabled me to get the colour settings sorted for this one. Seen at the junction of Armadale Road and Inverness Road, this would direct the 340 service to Lyne Edge Road.

82: Boyds Walk, Dukinfield

82 Boyds Walk, Dukinfield

Remaining with the 340 service… Today, no 220s turn right onto King Street; only the morning peak 221s, and from Boyds Walk instead of Chapel Street.

83 and 84: Manchester Road, Hyde

83 and 84 Manchester Road, HydeSomehow, the second generation orange plaques tend to age faster than the first generation equivalents (when the numbers were painted onto the plaque). Though the most aesthetically pleasing (with the arrows right of the numbers) they tended to weather worse. Perhaps it could be years of diesel fumes: hence the grubby state of the GM Buses era one below.

85: Mill Lane, Haughton Green

85 Mill Lane, Hyde

Seen at the junction of Mill Lane and Moorfield Avenue. Both services are still operating today with the former peak hours only. The 204, evenings, Bank Holidays and Sundays; the 206 outside of then provides the daytime service.

86 and 87: Haughton Green Road, Haughton Green

86 and 87 Haughton Green Road, Haughton GreenA fourth generation orange GMT plaque below the GM Buses era equivalent. Both sets of arrows on the former since disappeared along with the routes. The 348 forms part of today’s 347 service; whereas the 347 enters Haughton Green in a clockwise direction, the 348 took an anti-clockwise route.

88: Mancunian Road, Haughton Green

88 Mancunian Road, Haughton Green
Probably the holiest of the collection, between two churches. Nearest to St. John Fisher Presbytery with St. Mary’s C of E opposite.

89 and 90: Lancaster Road, Haughton Green

89 and 90 Lancaster Road, Haughton GreenSeen at the junction of Mancunian Road. At that time, the weather seemed to have been on the turn. I was away from the worst of the weather having found out about Dukinfield and Hyde having worse weather that Sunday.

91 and 92: Pendle Road, Denton

91 and 92 Pendle Road, Denton
Another orange and white combo! For me one of the hardest ones to photograph. Only the 345 service remains today. In Denton, the second instance of a painted out 349.

93: Town Lane/Stockport Road, Denton

93 Town Lane, DentonAnother one close to a church, this time the iconic St. Lawrence’s Church off the 204, 206 and 347 routes.

94: Town Lane, Denton

94 Town Lane, DentonOur second one on Town Lane, this time used to direct the 226 service along Ruby Street.

95: Ruby Street, Denton

95 Ruby Street, DentonSix more to go! The continuation of the defunct limited stop 226 service. Today it is served by some peak hour services into Manchester.

96: Seymour Street, Denton (southbound)

96 Seymour Street, DentonThe last of our Dentonian haul that Sunday of the Mayday Bank Holiday weekend. Today, still pretty useful for today’s 201s, 204s and 206s.

*                            *                           *

Denton and Haughton Green was a slight disappointment. My search for the Holy Grail of 101 plaques had to be postponed for a while.

Part Six: The Final Push

The sixth part sees of our quest for the 101 bus plaques near its finish. Is it Mission: Possible? Tune in next time for our final instalment (Or is it?).

S.V., 31 July 2015.

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