The fourth part of our Down Our Streets serialised photo special

Hattersley turned out to be a real surprise. What you are about to see is nineteen different plaques set in the overspill estate itself. The only non Hattersley one being our first example in today’s instalment.

Stand by for action…

61: Stalybridge Road, Mottram-in-Longdendale (southbound)

61 Stalybridge Road, Mottram-in-LongdendaleA mistake on my part enabled me to bag this plaque. At the time I didn’t realise that the Sunday service of the 236 served Stalybridge Road instead of Back Moor. Thanks to getting off two stops early, I bagged this example close to the late L.S. Lowry’s house.

62. John Kennedy Road, Hattersley

62 John Kennedy Road, Hattersley

The first of our Hattersley haul is an All Services plaque, presumably for Glossop bound services including the 214 and 215.

63. John Kennedy Road, Hattersley

63 John Kennedy Road, HattersleyOur second All Services sign, again for the same routes. Of some interest is the typeface, Transport instead of Helvetica Bold.

64: John Kennedy Road bus turnaround, Hattersley

64 John Kennedy Road bus turnaround, Hattersley

A first generation orange plaque imploring drivers to switch their engines off on terminating 211 services.

65: John Kennedy Road bus turnaround, Hattersley

65 John Kennedy Road bus turnaround, HattersleyA very faded example of a ‘Drivers Must Switch Off Engines’ plaque dating from the mid-1990s. A less faded example is intact outside The Clarence Hotel, Greenfield with the M-blem inside a red rounded square and ‘GMPTE’ in a serif typeface. The route was virtually unchanged till its eventual demise in April 2005. At one point, the 153 was a peak only service, though had evening journeys on Fridays and Saturdays.

66: John Kennedy Road, Hattersley

66 John Kennedy Road, Hattersley
Seen at the junction with Ashworth Lane. ‘All Services’ today now means the 201 to Piccadilly Gardens.

67 and 68: Underwood Road, Hattersley

67 and 68 Underwood Road, HattersleyThis plaque seems to be a Who’s Who of early post-deregulation services in Hattersley. A lot of which have been absorbed by the 341 and 202 services, with the 211 now today’s 201 service.

69 and 70: Hattersley Road East, Hattersley

69 and 70 Hattersley Road East, Hattersley
This duo was seen at the side of a bus turnaround off Hattersley Road East.

71: Chapman Road, Hattersley

71 Hattersley Road East, HattersleyBoth the 208 and 216 offered alternative ways to Manchester city centre via Hattersley to the 211. The former terminated at Hyde before continuing to Manchester via Mottram, Stalybridge and Ashton-under-Lyne. The latter, from Ashton-under-Lyne – also via Stalybridge and Mottram – served Hyde Road instead of Ashton New Road. Today, the 201 is Hattersley’s sole Mancunian bus link. The 208 and 216 from Ashton to Hattersley forms part of the 387 service.

72: Mottram Old Road, Hattersley

72 Mottram Old Road, HattersleyDig the expanded typeface kerning in glorious Helvetica Bold! The 390 forms part of today’s 341 service to Glossop.

73: Chapman Road/Hattersley Road East (westbound)

73 Chapman Road, HattersleySeen close to the site of Hattersley High School, directing the 216s to Hyde and the 208s to Stalybridge. Above this is a further two directional signs, pointing towards Chapman Road.

74: Clough End Road, Hattersley (westbound)

74 Clough End Road, HattersleyAnother one for the 208 and 216 routes, this time after the junction with Mottram Old Road.

75 and 76: Hattersley Road West/Chapman Road, Hattersley

75 and 76 Hattersley Road West, HattersleyBy the time the second plaque was installed, it was clear that the 208 had changed its terminus to Hattersley railway station. Our second plaque shows recycling in action, brought about by changes made to Greater Manchester Transport services in 1981. The faint text details the 208’s and 216’s predecessors along the eastern part of Hattersley.

77: Hattersley Road East/Fields Farm Road, Hattersley

77 Fields Farm Road, HattersleyThis was the northbound stop for Hattersley Community Centre and Kingston Arcade shopping centre. Today’s 341 service follows the 208’s Fields Farm Road section.

78: Fields Farm Road, Hattersley

78 Hattersley Road West, HattersleyAt the junction of Fields Farm Road with Hattersley Road East.

79: Hattersley Road West, Hattersley (eastbound)

79 Hattersley Road West, HattersleyJust before the junction with Hattersley railway station with the ‘All Other Services’ including the 211 (today’s 201 of course).

80: Hattersley Road West, Hattersley

80 Hattersley Road West, Hattersley

Since this plaque was installed, we have gone from eight to four services in the space of 29 years. Today’s link with Glossop is provided by the 202 and 341 services as well as the train via Hadfield. In 1986, the 214 and 215 linked Glossop with Manchester city centre with the 224 and 225 its limited stop equivalents. The 208 and 216, via Stalybridge, replaced by today’s 387 service.

Not only that, the pub which this plaque is nearby, is the sole surviving hostelry in Hattersley estate proper.

*                            *                           *

The Hattersley haul of plaques was unbelievable. Hence all but one being in the Manchester overspill estate. That Sunday in April when I did my fieldwork saw yours truly did a fair amount of walking. Firstly, some walking in Top Mossley, then within Stalybridge from Copley to Mottram Road for the 236/237 service.

The longest and most enthralling bit was in Hattersley, where yours truly finished the day with 21 needed for the magic 101 bus direction plaques.

Part Five: Haughton Green Hoodoo

The fifth part covers the Denton expedition. With hopes of a similar Hattersley scenario in Haughton Green, yours truly was a tad miffed. All will be revealed in the next post.

S.V., 30 July 2015.

2 thoughts on “101 Bus Direction Signs: A Tameside Garage Oddity (Part Four)

  1. Re the bus direction signs in Hattersley: the ‘329’ service was a once-weekly service to and from Parkside Hospital at Macclesfield : maybe it should have run daily.
    . A latter-day off-peak & weekends hourly ‘208’ service ran in the ’90s from John Kennedy Road to Hyde via Hattersley Railway Station. The service was erratic and few people used it so it was ‘pulled’.


  2. I think the 329 shown here is the old Hattersley to Stockport via Hyde service.
    I don’t remember the #5 service shown on those plaques.


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