Latest update offers real time bus tracking

Optare Solo First Greater Manchester MX54 GZD, Oldham Bus Station
Now you can track the movements of every First Greater Manchester bus in real time. Great for knowing when to leave the pub.

The continued development of Moovit has intrigued East of the M60 and its readers over the last six months. Its latest addition is set to raise a cheer for smartphone or tablet owning bus users in Greater Manchester.

This morning, Moovit has announced that queuing for a bus in the city is now a thing of the past as real time information about First Greater Manchester buses is now available via its smart public transport app. From today Moovit enables travellers in Central Manchester, Bolton, Oldham, Bury, Rochdale, Salford and Tameside to track the progress of their buses live from the convenience of their smartphones or watches.

The only app available that combines data from local transport agencies such as Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) alongside crowdsourced data directly from its community of hyper engaged users, Moovit gives travellers immediate updates about their journeys and offers better route planning across their cities and surrounding area.

“We’re seeing tremendous traction on our trip plan requests in all major UK cities and making real time notifications about bus services available to our Manchester users for the first time is a huge step forward,” said Alex Torres, VP of Product Marketing, Moovit. “The way we use public transport in cities is rapidly changing and we’re delighted to offer the people of Greater Manchester an easy way to turn their daily commutes into smooth rides.”

Part of Moovit’s success can be attributed to the people actively contributing to the data available, with the community of users adding information about their public transport network minute by minute.

“Travellers in Manchester are passionate about making the city they live in a better place. We’re continually amazed and encouraged by the feedback and level of data contribution our users pour into the product. The end result is a highly refined service that drills down into the smallest details of a journey, right up to if a bus is dirty or if there’s an available seat on a particular train carriage,” concluded Alex Torres.

In the UK the app now covers all major bus, train, tube, tram, light rail and even main school bus routes. Last month alone saw 100,000 new users join Moovit in the UK with more than half of those hailing from London; closely followed by Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool and Sheffield.

Moovit 4.0 is available to download free of charge, for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices. You can go to, or you can visit the Apple iTunes App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Phone App Marketplace.

S.V., 15 July 2015. (St. Swithin’s Day)

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