Black Dyke disqualification sees Fairey win Saddleworth

Only last night, we at East of the M60 stated that Black Dyke came out on top in this year’s Saddleworth contests. Today via the 4 Bars Rest website we have learned that Fairey, instead of Black Dyke won the Saddleworth contests.

At the Delph contest, it was found that Black Dyke Band breached Rule 2 which stipulates:

“Bands must be signed in and ready to play when asked by officials”

Following two official objections, they were not ready to perform from their official draw number. Instead, the Queensbury band played later on in the evening. As seen in 4 Bars Rest, the Delph contest organisers issued this statement:

“Following two official objections on the following day, Delph contest has consulted and decided that Rule 2 has been contravened. Subsequently, Black Dyke Band has been disqualified and the overall result changed accordingly.”

Therefore, Black Dyke Band finished as overall runners-up in the Saddleworth and District Whit Friday Championship. Hence the Delph results being as follows:

77 Bands (-7):

  1. Fairey – £1,000
  2. Brighouse and Rastrick – £750
  3. Milnrow – £400
  4. Hepworth – £300
  5. Asenhoga – £250
  6. Haslingden and Helmshore – £200

Highest Placed Band not in Championship Section: Brass Band Frutigen – £150

Highest Placed 3rd/4th Section before 9pm: Kingsway Printers (Cleethorpes) – £150

Highest Placed Local: Marsden Silver – £150

Highest Placed Saddleworth: Delph – £60

Highest Placed Youth:

  1. Oldham Music Centre – £100
  2. 2nd Rossendale Scouts – £60

Solo Cornet: Brighouse and Rastrick – £30

Soprano: Fairey – £30

Euphonium: Fairey – £30

Deportment: The Band of the King’s Division – £35

S.V., 31 May 2015.

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