Popular department store set to reopen in Town Square Shopping Centre

After a four year hiatus, TJ Hughes is set to return to Oldham. The Liverpool based department store chain which fell on hard times in 2011 will return to its two storey unit in the Town Square Shopping Centre.

Since it first opened in 1993, TJ Hughes established itself as a “must visit” store in the town centre. Its popularity saw them take over the former Toy and Hobby unit at street level and the addition of an instore café.

On opening, its proximity to the bus station ensured good footfall. With the store set to reopen in late summer to early autumn, the forthcoming ODEON cinema may have a similar effect.

The news was gratefully received by Oldhamers online. Reassuringly, both floors will be taken up with access from street level and shopping centre level maintained. A case of ‘as you were’. Some critics state the Prince’s Gate development would undermine TJ Hughes and the Old Town Hall development. On the other hand, it would reignite the Town Square Shopping Centre which has suffered from TJ Hughes’ 2011 closure.

We hope 2016 sees a livelier Oldham, and the return of TJ Hughes could well be a catalyst.

S.V., 28 May 2015.

One thought on “TJ Hughes Returns to Oldham

  1. When the Spindles Town Square was took over by our Atlantic neighbours, they said they would try to persuade TJ Hughes to return. One job done. Now they said they need to fill up the several empty units clotting up the centre by attracting some big names such as Superdrug, Topshop and New Look.

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