Moovit 4.0 spawns Apple Watch and iOS versions

Enviro400 Stagecoach Manchester, MX08 GNU, Ashton-under-Lyne bus station
Thanks to the Apple Watch and Moovit you can check the times of your next 346 as well as this fellow waiting in the wings. Please note that Stagecoach Manchester journeys of this route on Monday to Saturday daytimes are 08, 28 and 48 hours from Ashton, and 05, 25, 45 hours from Hyde.


Moovit, the smartphone app designed for all UK cities which allows public transport users to make sound connections has gone a step further. From today, like James Bond would be able to do, you can chart the progress of your 346 from your Apple Watch. Supposing Sean/Roger/Pierce/Daniel only had an iPhone, they can enjoy Moovit 4.0 on their device.

Moovit 4.0 for iOS features a suite of new personalisation controls and a re-engineered user interface and offering an enhanced level of engagement from its community of users; the only public transport app to mix data from public transport agencies with that directly from its community.

Now with over 22 million users worldwide, Moovit 4.0 features live reports where travellers get real-time notifications about public transport conditions including how busy a station or vehicle is, cleanliness, live events and even incidents as they happen.

With Apple Watch compatibility, users no longer have to pull their phones out of their pockets when they are rushing to jump on the tube or bus – they can just simply glance at their wrist for routes, nearest stops, arrival times and service alerts.

“The Moovit community is savvy about using technology to make the public transport experience better for themselves and the entire community. We listened to their suggestions, and re-built the app from the ground up to address their specific needs and incorporate new devices like the Apple Watch,” said Alex Torres, vice president of global marketing for Moovit. “By providing the information that a user needs to their preferred device, we aim to create a transport experience free from the stress and worry of not knowing when your bus or train will arrive, what condition it will be in, and whether you’ll be late.”

With Moovit 4.0, iOS and Apple Watch users can more efficiently plan their journeys and experience a more enjoyable way to navigate cities globally and locally. Moovit is available in all major UK cities including London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham as well as smaller towns. The app is growing rapidly, quadrupling its user base in the past year and adding a city every day to its coverage area.

Moovit 4.0 for iOS includes features that are standard to Android users such as its intuitive design and its OmniSearch facility. Also its real-time notifications, live user reports and offline support. All the features stated above and in greater detail in our previous update are available for Apple Watch users. That’s not all as Apple Watch users will soon benefit from details of:

Nearby Stops: see an overhead perspective of your surroundings and which stops are nearby.

Live itineraries: offers travellers instant access to their favourite lines’ arrival and departure times, without ever having to pull their phones out of their pockets.

Moovit 4.0 is available to download free of charge, for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices. You can go to, or you can visit the Apple iTunes App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Phone App Marketplace.

S.V., 26 May 2015.

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