Spectacular scenes outside intu Trafford Centre for Stagecoach Manchester’s express route

Photograph by Peter Powell.    13-05-2015. This is Baktash Noori who is the 4 millionth Customer on the Stagecoach Service X50.
Man in a million, four times over: Baktash Noori (centre) seen with Richard Paxton (left), Christopher Bowles (right) and an oversized intu Trafford Centre gift card. (Photograph: © 2015 Tangerine PR Ltd)

A surprise celebration was held for the arrival of the four millionth passenger of the X50 service. Bako Noori, 20, alighted at intu Trafford Centre, only to be greeted by a live fanfare, confetti cannons, baton twirlers, balloons and banners.

The Crumpsall resident was presented with a £200 gift voucher by Christopher Bowles (Stagecoach Manchester Chief Executive) and Richard Paxton, intu Trafford Centre’s general manager. His voucher can be spent in all stores within the Dumplington shopping centre.

From Piccadilly Gardens to the intu Trafford Centre, the X50 is a sibling limited stop version of the 250 service. Launched in 2009, it has become one of Stagecoach Manchester’s most popular services. In its first month of service, 13,000 passengers were carried. Only last month, 695,000 – more than twice the number of passengers in its first full year. A staggering number, though one which could be affected by Metrolink’s arrival by 2020.

Speaking about the surprise event, Bako said: “I always take the X50 service to get to intu Trafford Centre but I didn’t think I would ever step off the bus to scenes like these. I am grateful to Stagecoach Manchester and the intu Trafford Centre for giving me £200 worth of vouchers and now I just have to decide what I’m going to spend them on.”

Stagecoach Manchester’s managing director, Christopher Bowles commented: “Today’s event was the perfect way for Stagecoach Manchester to celebrate such a huge milestone in the life of the X50 service and reward one lucky passenger for their custom. From a personal point of view, I’m proud to say this hugely important service has enabled four million people to travel between central Manchester and intu Trafford Centre.”

intu Trafford Centre general manager, Richard Paxton said: “We are delighted to celebrate the success of the X50 service, because it is an integral part of our public transport strategy. The speed of this service makes it so convenient. Twenty short minutes from the City Centre and passengers can alight at one of the country’s best tourist destinations – and people have done exactly that in their millions.”

The event not only celebrated the arrival of the four millionth X50 customer, but also marked the launch of Stagecoach Manchester’s #MyGreaterManchester social media campaign.

With Stagecoach Manchester at the heart of the community, #MyGreaterManchester has been designed to encourage people to share what they love about Greater Manchester, why they’re proud to live in the area and to highlight local events.

Christopher Bowles added: “I’m looking forward to the #MyGreaterManchester hashtag becoming a social hub of regional activity and being used to share events, like this milestone today, across social media.”

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In pictures: Baktash Noori

Delight: Bako Noori’s reception on being the X50’s four millionth passenger. (Photograph: © 2015 Tangerine PR Ltd)
Surprise: the reception which Bako received. (Photograph: © 2015 Tangerine PR Ltd)
“All I wanted to do was to nip to Selfridges…” (Photograph: © 2015 Tangerine PR Ltd)
“…Then two strange men approached me with a £200 gift card. Fantastic stuff for a day’s work!” (Photograph: © 2015 Tangerine PR Ltd)

S.V., 14 May 2015.

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