East of the M60‘s look at the results of Mossley Town Council’s elections

  • New Council: 6 Independent (+1), 3 Labour (-1).
The view from Mossley sees Labour support maintained at local and parliamentary elections, though with greater support for the independents at Town Council level.

Was it the lack of free parking or the library’s move to George Lawton Hall which pricked the Mossley voters’ consciences? Though supportive of their Tameside MBC councillor, the new Mossley Town Council sees support for its independent candidates strengthened.

Idu Miah retained both his seat for Tameside MBC and at Town Council level for Mossley’s Cheshire ward. Also for Labour, Frank Travis narrowly lost out to Jack Homer in the Lancashire Ward. The Yorkshire Ward sees Tony Milne replaced by fellow Independent candidate Lesley Bill.

New council, by ward:

Lancashire Ward

  • Jack Homer (Labour Party);
  • Claire Hardisty (Independent candidate);
  • Greg Brett (Independent candidate).

Yorkshire Ward

  • Lesley Bill (Independent);
  • Eleanor Shember-Critchley (Labour Party).

Cheshire Ward

  • Idu Miah (Labour Party);
  • Dean Aylett, (Independent candidate);
  • Amy Connolly, (Independent candidate);
  • Chris Lyness, (Independent candidate).

*                               *                              *

Cheshire Ward (four votes per ballot)

  • Idu Miah, Labour Party: 1,230 (15.2%);
  • Dean Aylett, Independent candidate: 1,112 (1);
  • Amy Connolly, Independent candidate: 868 (10.7%);
  • Chris Lyness, Independent candidate: 865 (10.7%);
  • Joseph Douthwaite, Labour Party: 811 (10%);
  • Paul McKechnie, Independent candidate: 734 (9.1%);
  • Mary Mitchell, Labour Party: 727 (9%);
  • Christine Clark, Green Party: 681 (8.4%);
  • David Wilde, Labour Party: 643 (8%);
  • Martin Kiely, Liberal Democrats: 399 (4.9%).

Lancashire Ward (three votes per ballot)

  • Jack Homer, Labour Party: 560 (15.4%);
  • Claire Hardisty, Independent candidate: 556 (15.3%);
  • Greg Brett, Independent candidate: 516 (14.2%);
  • Frank Travis, Labour Party: 507 (14%);
  • Gary Compston, Independent candidate: 463 (12.8%);
  • Stephen Kilduff, Labour Party: 429 (11.8%);
  • Jacintha Manchester, Green Party: 295 (8.1%);
  • Mark Stanley, Green Party: 292 (8.1%).

Yorkshire Ward (two votes per ballot)

  • Lesley Bill, Independent candidate: 411 (23.5%);
  • Eleanor Shember-Critchley, Labour Party: 397 (22.7%);
  • Sam Hancock, Labour Party: 335 (19.2%);
  • Martin Stimson, Independent candidate: 325 (18.6%);
  • Julie Wood, Green Party: 262 (15%).

*                               *                              *

Next up on It’s Up The Poll! 2015

For our final part of It’s Up The Poll! 2015, we shall be looking at how the next five years will affect Tameside. With the Conservatives returned to power with a working majority, will the public services we cherish dearly be gone forever? Will there be no such thing as LEA run schools? Will the last bus from Ashton be leaving before 2020? We shall see.

S.V., 08 May 2015.

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