Intelligent public transport app gets voters to their nearest polling stations in time

Dukinfield Library, Concord Way, Dukinfield
Voting in the Dukinfield Ward? The 346 bus is every 10 minutes from Ashton-under-Lyne to Hyde for Dukinfield Library. Alight at Morrisons or Jeffreys Drive (both First Greater Manchester and Stagecoach Manchester up to 1920; former till well past the polling station’s closing time at 2200, though hourly after 1930).

Manchester, 1830 hours: best hot foot it out from work as meeting overran. Realised that I forgot to vote this morning and on doing so, could have got the 221 from Boyd’s Walk after calling in the library. In a right pickle now there’s no buses after 1812 from Piccadilly Gardens to The Albion Hotel. Then I check my smartphone: I find a sound connection with the tram from Piccadilly Gardens to Ashton-under-Lyne. It connects with MCT Travel’s 1925 journey to Dukinfield on the 41. Yours truly is chuffed: two ballot papers and a pint of Robbies’ finest afterwards. Triple yay!

I thought none of the above was possible. Thank goodness I downloaded Moovit before the 12 April 2015 service changes.

*                            *                           *

Over the last year, the UK version of Moovit has enabled Greater Mancunian and London public transport users find sound connections. Most recently, it has been rolled out to a number of major UK cities from Inverness to Plymouth. For the coming General Election, Moovit has added a recent update. One that enables UK voters to find their nearest polling station – plus links to nearby bus stops, railway stations and tram stops.

In a bid to help get the UK using their votes the world’s first crowdsourced public transport app, which globally boasts over 20 million users across 600 cities, has updated its service to include everything a user needs to make their voice heard on the 7th May.

By opening the app, all you need to do is click on the polling link to find your nearest constituency, which will point you to your nearest polling station. Then, let Moovit take you there the best and quickest possible way via public transport.

For those of you keen to swot up on who’s who before stepping inside, Moovit will even tell you who your local candidates are en route. So if you want to vote, you’ll have help along the way in the UK’s general election this week!

If you’re running late and wonder why the 346 is as late as you are, Moovit’s live arrival and departure times on all major bus, train, tram and underground routes will answer your questions. All with help from a community of other travellers. Some of which probably catch your usual bus to work.

On the 07 May 2015, all the usual excuses for forgetting to vote assuaged. No more “I have no time” nor “I don’t know who the candidates are” nor “I couldn’t get there”.

The Moovit app is available to download free of charge, for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices. You can go to, or you can visit the Apple iTunes App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Phone App Marketplace.

S.V., 06 May 2015.

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